Argentina is one of the countries we’ve fallen most head-over-heels for during our travels. The sweeping and diverse landscapes remind us of home in Canada, the steak, wine, and impressive commitment to a constantly full cup of yerba mate (one of our favorite traditions!) is hard to hate, and Buenos Aires is – well – awesome. Add to that, Argentines are some of the nicest people we’ve come across on our travels. Seriously – we need to go back!

Going to a Soccer Game in Argentina

As Canadians, we like to think we know a little something about being passionate sports fans. However, Canadian hockey fans are tame compared to what we experienced when we went to see a game of soccer in Argentina.   Sports aren’t a foreign concept in the WanderTooth household. Each year, as the leaves outside begin …

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Argentina Travel Story

I love reading about a good old fashioned crazy adventure and accidental travel story – stories of a place far, far away (especially while I’m at work).  Stories about the delightful challenges we love to face while immersed in strange cultures. We all do love it right? It’s what keeps me beating a path to …

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