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In 2012, Wandertooth Started as a Way to Chronicle Its Founders' Personal Travels...

Wandertooth was started in 2012 by a Canadian couple, Geoff and Katie, when they quit their jobs, sold all their stuff, and set out to see the world. Now, writers from all over the world contribute to the site, giving you access to information from locals and travelers to plan your vacation.

Wandertooth is a noun – you know, like a person, place, or thing! In this case, it’s a thing. A wandertooth is like a sweet tooth, only with travel-y goodness instead of sugary goodness. It’s a fondness or desire for wandering or travel; an unquenchable desire; a craving that – once satisfied – only leaves you salivating and depressed and desperate for more.

Sound familiar? You’re among friends, here at Wandertooth.

We Couldn’t Have Foreseen it at the Time, But… 

Wandertooth has taken on a life of its own! 

Nowadays, Wandertooth engages writers from all over the world to contribute their unique perspectives and expertise about the places they live and visit.

The goal? To create insanely useful travel guides that will help you plan your vacation! 

In addition to the website, the founders of Wandertooth also create travel-themed coloring books (yes – you read that right). Another fun way to share the world with those who want to see it – whatever that means.

Travel Between the Lines Coloring Mexico Illustration

We Hope Wandertooth Is Genuinely Helpful as You Plan Your Trip!

If you have any questions as you go, give us a shout at hello@wandertooth.com and we’ll do our best to help! You can also check us out on social media (see the icons below!)!

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