Essential Women’s Fall and Winter Travel Apparel

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Fall and Winter Women’s Apparel Essentials

Ladies, I’ve put together a list of some cold weather essentials for the traveller. Fall and winter stuff takes up a lot of room so it’s important to find things that can be paired. You won’t always be outside, some nights you’ll want to go out and be classy, other nights a bit more casual, but you don’t have room to take multiple outfits for multiple occasions. Think in layers, thermal, base and outer depending on where in the world you’re travelling, and how long you’ll be outside for. Make sure all your colours match and your accessories are interchangeable. Here is a curated list to help you find the right apparel to take with you.

For the Head

One Size

Katie’s Pick – What’s the point of any hat if it can’t be fun and awesome? Winer blues? Pffft, no way, the more colour the better and it’s really soft! 

Also: Off-White, Pink Glow 

Now we’re talking!  How fun is this? Do your best Scandinavian look, after all, they know how to do cold weather. Don’t worry it’s synthetic, not really made form bear fur.

Also: Marine Blue, Bright Plum 

One Size. Contoured and fleecy soft, easy to slide on and it’s adjustable. 

Also: Chalk, Purple Dahlia

Snug fit and thermally lined to keep the ears warm on those cold trips. Lightweight and it easily fits in your pocket.

Also: Heathered Mid Grey 

Nice and wide, warm and comfy, what more could you ask for?

Also: Coral Bloom

Katie’s Pick – Hey travelling ladies, this infinity scarf from Columbia comes with a secret zipper pocket for your phone, passport, cash and other valuables. Put valuables where no one would think to look!

For the Body


Also: Black

Katie’s Pick – Merino wool dress. Pair with leggings, boots and cardigan to stay warm and dressy. Available in Vino or Black. 

Multiple Colors

Merino wool cardigan with big cozy pockets. Thigh length, can be casual or dressy. Available in multiple colours. 

Also: Cruise or Vino

Leggings – pair with a dress and boots for dress up, wear with a tunic and long cardigan to stay comfy on a plane, and train trips.

Multiple Colors

Water repellant and made from stretchy material which is nice. Machine washable and has drawstring waist and a zippered rear pocket.

Multiple Colors

Great cool, wet weather option for the ladies. Pockets at the hips, vented at the back and the belt is removable. [/et_pb_blurb]

Multiple Colors

 When you’re outside all day sightseeing, it will feel way colder than it really is after awhile. Get a warm jacket that covers your upper legs to retain heat.

Multiple Colors

 Full zip tunic with big zipper pockets. Merino wool fabric, form-fitting but not tight, stretchy and washable.

Multiple Colors

And for when it’s not too cold, or it’s so cold you need a base layer, a fleece is a must have.

For the Hands and Feet

Also: Espresso

Leather waterproof short boot with a full length instep zipper. Warm and insulated with great support.

Multiple Colors

Oh now we’re talking!  Warm feet…yes please. Multiple colors available.


Fleece lined gloves keeps the fingers warm and they look nice and classy.


Also: Grey [

I like these gloves a lot. They’re warm and cheap but I’m often using my map function on my phone when travelling, or operating my camera. These make that pretty easy.