And the Liebsters Go To: Our Nominations

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WanderTooth has had an exciting week on the Interweb! First, we were thrilled to get a Double Liebster Award (thanks to Travel.Experience.Live. and The {Happy} Travel Bug), and then someone WE DON’T EVEN KNOW said they like us! Do you know what that means? Someone other than our mothers read this website! I tip my hat to you, person out there who likes us.

As part of the Liebster excitement, we now need to pass on the award to 11 other bloggers, and we get to give them homework: answer our 11 questions (or else). They are all apparently supposed to be blogs with less than 200 followers, but I don’t really understand what that means because I am stupid at the Internet. Also, I really like to break rules. So I’m just going to go about my Liebstering in my own way, which basically means I’m going to pick whatever goddamned blogs I goddamned please.

So without further ado…drumroll please….and the nominations (in no particular order) are:


1. Sacha & Jmayel from 8 Miles from Home…I found these guys on the Twitter, and the very first blog post I read of theirs made me start bawling like a baby into my milky bowl of quinoa puffs…but in a good way…like, a really good way. These guys are both filmmakers and photographers, and it shows; the stuff they have up on their blog definitely counts as “travel porn,” but they also write in a way that makes me want to be their friend. And so I figured I’d try to GUILT them into being our friend by giving them an award!


2. Emma from Sparky Sees the World. Another Twitter find (Preview of the future: these are all Twitter finds), Emma has her own blog and also works as an Internet Wizard at Lonely Planet. I’m pretty sure that’s her actual title, and if it isn’t, consider this an official complaint to you, Lonely Planet. We would totally get kinky with some of the characters on Emma’s Top 5 Travel Romances list, and anyone who thinks a banana as a phone is funny can’t be bad, right? I also find myself wondering how she looks so darn cute all the time. Oh, gawd…now I seem like a weird stalker, don’t I? I think Emma is probably way too cool for us, but I’m going to try to bribe her into being our friend with this award nomination anyway.


3. Torre from Fearful Adventurer probably won’t have time to participate in this Liebster malarky (yes…that IS a challenge), what with her book launch coming up soon, but I’m going to include her anyway, both because I LOVE her blog and because I just signed up to review her book, and have found that flattery gets you everywhere! Seriously though, Torre has a gift for hilariously vivid description — from being hugged by an ass crack to nipple lipsticks — so I can’t wait to see her Liebster answers.


Hugged by an ass crack? More like hugged by an icicle in this freezing cold picture
Hugged by an ass crack? More like hugged by an icicle in this freezing cold picture


4. Tracey of Chronic-Adventures blows my mind every time I stop by her blog: this lady is a hard-to-the-core, “feck anyone who says I can’t do that” kind of lady. She’s friggin awesome! Despite her arthritic spine, Tracey  thinks its fun to go Adventure Racing or take epically long bike rides. Definitely not MY cup of Vegemite, but the girl’s got some serious panache.


5. Miret from Flanerie Feminine has the mostest beautifulest foodiest blog ever. If you yearn to learn the difference between churros and porras (and — let’s be honest — who doesn’t?) or just drool at pictures of empanadas or quinoa risotto, this is the blog for you! I would write more, but I have to go get myself a snack. So you should probably just go check it out for yourself.


6. Speaking of food, I also want to pass the Liebster on to Tim and Nat from A Cook Not Mad, a drool-worthy trip around the world guided by a Chef’s stomach and a photographer’s eye…so yeah, this one is also nice and purdy to look at. Not only are these guys serious foodies, but they are also the nicest, most welcoming, and inclusive people, and our first social media friends, so I’m not even nominating them in order to guilt them into being our friend! Must read posts include their reverse wedding crash in Italy, which led to a beautiful drool-wrothy meal, and their Eat page, which links to recipes they’ve discovered on their travels, like Curly Endive With Warm Pancetta and Balsamic Vinaigrette and Prosciutto Wrapped Bocconcini. Mmmm…bacon wrapped…


7. And speaking of Bacon, Ayngelina from Bacon is Magic left an amazing job, boyfriend, apartment and friends to find inspiration in Latin America. She’s back in Toronto now, and trying to balance her wanderlust with her desire for roots and home. I love reading Bacon, because Ayngelina bravely bares her soul for the entire Interweb to read, like when she walked away from love or her 6 months of eat-pray-loving. Plus she’s going to Finland this winter, and I can’t wait to compare her trip to our stay in Helsinki.


8. Tom from Waegook Tom will be embarking on a RTW journey in March 2013 with a mission to set foot on every inhabited continent before he hits the big three-oh, and has already made a dent in EuropeAsia, and the Middle East (yes, we know…not a continent). Tom’s site covers everything from being gay in S. Korea to around the world food porn to surprisingly controversial posts about travel bloggers with shite grammar! We obviously love him because he named us one of his 13 blogs to follow in 2013, and let us blab on and on about our sexual experience with macarons in Paris, but he’s also another one of those welcoming and friendly people we really want to have a beer with!


9. Jessica of Ways of Wanderers and her BF Brent are wandering expats of sorts. Currently teaching in Thailand, they are off to Japan soon for their next adventure. I’m grateful to Jessica for introducing me to the wonderfulness that is Italy’s heel, and can’t wait to explore that region for myself; I also can appreciate her quest for Thai food for the unadventurous, since I’ve traveled with my share of unadventurous or restricted eaters, and spent years traveling as a vegetarian myself. I’ve been meaning to approach Jessica about a guest post for a while now, so maybe this nomination will grease the wheels (cough, cough! hint, hint!).


10. Lauren from Lateral Movements is a new find for me, but as soon as I saw that she had written about a Penis Park, I decided we should probably be friends. I also can totally relate to her Love Letter to the Galapagos and her experience with Delhi Belly. Also, she was a carny in Australia, so there’s that. Have I ever told you about my carny policy? No? That’s because I just made it up: if you have “carny” on your C.V. (that’s fancy speak for resume), then we need to become buds.


11. Caroline from Caroline in the City is another new-to-me blog that I’m just getting to know. Her blog is full of helpfulness, like her travel budget spreadsheet or roundup of travel writing opportunities – I’m pretty sure we should all be fist bumping her RIGHT NOW in thanks. I can’t wait to read about her new adventures, including maybe (hopefully) meeting her at TBEX in June.


Oh sweet Jesus, that’s a HOT list. And now that real fun begins, because we get to poke and probe these poor innocent souls, and request they bare their souls to us and the entire Internet. I can’t wait to see what happens. So here are the questions:


1. Snake or tiger? (Yes, I AM asking you which animal you’d rather be killed by)

2. Okay…now you’re alive again, but you’ve been reincarnated into a __________(fill in the blank)

3. Enough with the morbidness. Let’s move on to something happier. Like rainbows: which colour are you and why?

4. Which travel blogger would you most love to get drunk with? Share a cup of tea with? (Besides, obviously, WanderTooth)


You totally want to drink a cup of tea with this guy, don't you? Just admit it...
You totally want to drink a cup of tea with this guy, don’t you? Just admit it…


5. Tell me about the last time you got arrested or deported. What? That never happened to you? Try to see into a future time when you finally get busted for your shenanigans..what are you in for?

6. Your iPod is stuck on repeat for 24 hours, and you HAVE to listen to it upon punishment of never traveling again…what song do you choose?

7. What celebrity do you most want to be sitting next to on the long haul between L.A. and Singapore.

8. Best AND worst traveling experiences

9. You’re going to an island for a month, but only have room for either toilet paper OR toothpaste. Which do you choose?

10. What’s your top destination that starts with a Z

11. Whew…almost over. I promise I’ll go easy on you for this last one: Tell us about your worst. flight. ever.


Not the worst flight ever, despite the fact that I WAS FLYING THE AIRPLANE!
Not the worst flight ever, despite the fact that I WAS FLYING THE AIRPLANE!



So there you have it, you 11 blogs, you! I have passed the Liebster your way! It’s your turn to answer 11 questions, and then pass on the Liebster to 11 more hapless bloggers out there in cyberspace. Enjoy!





10 thoughts on “And the Liebsters Go To: Our Nominations”

  1. Lol, Every post we’ve read of yours has made me laugh, love your writing style! Thanks so much for putting us right up top. We are officially friends ;-) P.S This is our first award as bloggers!

    1. Hooray for new friends! Hopefully we’ll actually get to meet one day in person! I love your guys’ blog – keep up the awesome work!

  2. Katie, I don’t know how to begin to respond to your wonderful review and award. But I’ll try. From a part-time slacker excuse of a blogger such as myself, I’m forever in your debt for placing me among this high-ranking company and grateful for the impromptu day off I spent reading all the stories. (choking back the tears now) I’d like to thank you for your kind words, I’d like to thank my friends for being the subject of my stories and… and… (fully sobbing into tissue now) mostly I’d like to thank my parents who gave me the gumption to say feck it, let’s do it. (Cue music and get her off for f#*k sake)

    1. Oh what a lovely response, Tracey! We definitely are going to have to share a beer together one day, as I’d love to hear all your hard core adventure stories in person!

  3. Thanks for the nod! You guys are sweethearts. And I hope you know that there’s always room for your wonderfully quirky storytelling on my blog. Send me a post anytime!

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