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Here’s Who I’m Celebrating on International Women’s Day

It’s March 8 today, which means it’s everyone’s favourite holiday, a day about which no one ever complains, ever, or makes “Where’s International Man’s Day?” comments. Yup, it’s International …

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Awesome People Doing Awesome Things: David Noyes & Innocent Eyes Project

Welcome to Awesome People Doing Awesome Things, an interview series featuring people who’ve created something awesome from their travels. Today we’re chatting to David Noyes, …

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Awesome People Doing Awesome Things: Dave Brett from Travel Dave

Welcome to Awesome People Doing Awesome Things, an interview series featuring people who’ve created something awesome from their travels. Today we’re chatting to Dave Brett, …

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What it’s Actually Like to Freelance While Traveling The World

I’m sitting on the train from Prague to Berlin, in one of those stuffy 6-person compartments Czech Rail seems to love. I’m with Geoff, his sister …

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10 Awesome Life Lessons from 2 Years of Full-Time Travel

After 795 days of full-time travel, it stands to reason we’ve grown and changed as people, learned a life lesson (or ten), and honed some skills as travellers …

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Wandertooth Travel Blog and Adult Coloring Book

Trying to Tell our Story

Have you ever experienced that thing where you’re sitting around with other travellers, and everyone starts telling their crazy travel stories? That’s our life right …

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Turns Out I’m Easily Distracted…

On Monday, I woke up early and was like, “yep, I got this.” I had my first call with my new (and first ever) mastermind …

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This One Thing Made A Huge Difference To Our Business

You know that romantic dream of travel, where you plan a leisurely trip to Paris just to paint the Eiffel Tower? Or you go to Italy to sit peacefully …

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Adventure Lust

Tectonic plates are shifting. It’s a phrase that has been coating my tongue for months now with the forgotten, yet familiar flavour of change; a bitter-sweet spirit drawn from …

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Koh Mak Thailand

Best Canadian Bank for Overseas Travel

First, some news… Somehow, we convinced an actual company that our ramblings are interesting, and we’re super excited to have a post on the Travel …

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Love with a chance of drowning

Love With A Chance of Drowning: A Book Review

Before we begin, I should probably warn you: this post may get a little awkward.  It’s quite possible – nay likely – that we’ll find …

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And the Liebsters Go To: Our Nominations

WanderTooth has had an exciting week on the Interweb! First, we were thrilled to get a Double Liebster Award (thanks to Travel.Experience.Live. and The {Happy} …

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We’ve Been Double Liebster’d

Double Hooray! Our friends Bram over at Travel.Experience.Live. and Sonja at The {Happy} Travel Bug both nominated us for a Liebster award, which is like …

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Is Traveling Getting More Dangerous?

Back in June, two Canadian sisters from Quebec died in their Thai hotel room from mysterious causes, and it was recently reported the women may have …

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