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Since publishing our very first post, we’ve been welcomed by some amazing people into a wonderful little travel community of people who share a similar love of adventure to us. We wanted to say thanks to them for welcoming us with open online arms and taking us for tapas in Seville: this list is our ode to our favourite travellers writing on the web…it’s all in alphabetical order, so be sure to read all the way to the bottom.

A Cook Not Mad –– Tim and Nat from A Cook Not Mad are all about food travels, guided by a Chef’s stomach and a photographer’s eye. Not only are these guys serious foodies, but they are also the nicest, most welcoming, and inclusive people, and our first social media friends; when I started a new job and was quiet on Twitter for a few days, A Cook Not Mad noticed and tweeted us to make sure everything was okay! When my mom needed a housesitter to take care of our cat so she could come visit us in Europe, Tim and Nat stepped up! Must read posts include their reverse wedding crash in Italy, which led to a beautiful drool-wrothy meal, and their Eat page, which links to recipes they’ve discovered on their travels, like Curly Endive With Warm Pancetta and Balsamic Vinaigrette and Prosciutto Wrapped Bocconcini. If you spend more than a few minutes reading this blog, you’ll need to step away and get yourself a snack. If you like what you see, be sure to follow these guys on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and G+ (if you do that kind of thing).

Bacon is Magic — Another welcoming Canadian and social media friend, Ayngelina from Bacon is Magic left an amazing job, boyfriend, apartment and friends to find inspiration in Latin America. She’s back in Toronto now, and trying to balance her wanderlust with her desire for roots and home. I love reading Bacon, because Ayngelina bravely bares her soul for the entire Interweb to read, like when she walked away from love or her 6 months of eat-pray-loving. The best part? Her bravery paid off in spades, as she is now a top blogger and has found new love! Say hello to Ayngelina on Twitter and Facebook!

Curious Around the World — Written by Andrea, a former jewellery designer turned social media professional, we love checking out this blog to see Andrea’s latest sketches (sooooo talented), and her way of looking at the world through a lens coloured by art, food, and markets. And beer. We love that Andrea is as obsessed with international beer as we are! It’s possible that we get together with Andrea every time we’re in Vancouver and drink copious amounts of beer. But I can’t confirm or deny. Go follow Andrea on the Twitter.

Gastronomic Nomad — Cyra left Australia at 19, and never really made it back; she has since been eating her way around Spain (and the world) to show that in order to truly discover a culture, you must also eat it. And she’s doing this with gusto: from an honest review of a typical Porto sandwich to an intro to typical Spanish cider (yum), Cyra’s blog is now one of my go-to stops for food travels, especially those covering Spain and Europe.
Girl vs. GlobeSabina has an admitted passion for fashion, revels in her travels and is always in the mood for food. She also has a weakness for delicious cocktails and cute animals. She is trying to make the whole world her home and uses her blog as a progress report. I especially like her post about free things to do in Camden because — let’s face it — London is ridiculously expensive. Sabina has a carefree and fun approach to life, which comes across in her writing (take, for example, this article, where she compares herself to beer). Her blog is also super freaking cute.

Global Mouse Travels — UK-based freelancer writer Nichola West runs this site, which both chronicles her own travels with her young family and offers tips for other adventurous souls who want to show the world to their kids. Founded on the premise of finding the best family-friendly and child-approved experiences and holidays in the UK and abroad, Nichola has pretty much created the ultimate parent’s guide full of reviews to inspire far-flung travel, weekends away and day trips. It is packed with tips, trips and inspiration it covers everything, like why kids love Cuba, the best British beaches, the top days out in the UK, and where to eat pizza in Naples! Plus, as a total Harry Potter nerd myself, I appreciate their commitment to writing about the Wizarding World.

Worldly View —  The idea behind Brendan’s blog is simple: creating an affordable and inspirational travel blog from a twenty-something world traveler. Brendan writes about eclectic topics, from how AirBnB is misunderstood to contemplating whether it’s possible to fail at travelling the world. He’s also not afraid to share his real opinions, like in this piece where he lets loose (nicely) on Funchal on Madeira, Portugal.


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