Best Places to Stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Chiang Mai is a city in a mountainous region of Thailand. As the largest city in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai has a population of approximately 127,240. Filled with cultural wonders, outdoor adventures, and amazing shops, Chiang Mai has something to offer every type of visitor! When you’re looking for the best place to stay in Chiang Mai, you want to think about what your plans are. What do you want to experience? What do you want to see? How close to amenities do you want to be? Would you prefer to stay somewhere a little bit more secluded and peaceful?

Things to Do in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the capital of Chiang Mai province and is located 700 km north of Bangkok. The climate is that of a tropical savannah and there is warm-to-hot weather all year round. The city and surrounding area are filled with outdoor adventures—an incredible natural playground for outdoor enthusiasts! The city boasts amazing places to visit, experiences to have, food to taste, and views to see. Very popular attractions in Chiang Mai include The Pae Gate, Nimman Road, Chiang Mai Old City, and The Riverside. The city is overflowing with culture and has 117 Buddhist temples. Chiang Mai also hosts many cultural Thai festivals throughout the year and is the home to the oldest zoo in northern Thailand.

Whatever you’re going to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I’m confident that you will find it! This city offers a selection of everything from outdoor activities to unique shopping to delicious cultural foods—and more. Now it’s time to find a place to stay. The list below has great options for places to stay in Chiang Mai. From budget to luxury accommodations and everything in between, your perfect stay is only a few clicks away!

Best Places to Stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai’s Old City

Old City is one of Chiang Mai’s major attractions. The Old City still has most of it’s old walls intact. It is approximately 1.5 km square and filled with amazing restaurants and bars. Chiang Mai’s Old City is hidden behind a moat and 700-year-old fortress walls. There are amazing markets, and it’s an awesome place to explore. You will find temples, galleries, restaurants, bars, and markets at every corner. This is the best place to stay if you love to be in the hustle and bustle of city life while travelling.

Nimman Road

This area of Chaing Mai is full of trendy and vibrant cafes, restaurants, and snazzy hotels. It’s best for the travellers who want to experience the hip side of Chiang Mai. Nimman Road has great shopping and is conveniently near the airport. It’s a great area to explore and stay if you’re not looking for many cultural attractions.

Mae Sa Valley

This area of Chiang Mai is one that is vast and green. It is a beautifully forested area with only one main road running through it. This area of Chiang Mai is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast! Filled with adventures such as bungee-jumping, zip-lining, and paintballing, this area is ready for fun.

Hang Dong

Hang Dong is a village that is best known for its handicrafts and woodwork. This area is perfect for anyone who wants a rich cultural experience in Thailand.

Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The sanctuary is approximately 60 km from Chiang Mai city and is an amazing place to visit. This nature park hosts elephants, cats, dogs, buffalo, and other rescued animals. Visitors can help to take care of the animals and spend time in the sanctuary.

Chiang Mai is filled with beautiful places to visit, and incredible shops to explore! Whether it’s the animal sanctuary that holds your passion, or just a simple rest and relaxation visit, Chiang Mai definitely has you covered. Now that you’ve got a place to stay, it’s time to get out there and explore!

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