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Best Restaurants Near Zion National Park

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One of the most popular questions we get about visiting Zion National Park is where to get good food. After a grueling hike or a day spent in the sun, you’ll be wanting something tasty to eat and refuel. To be clear, Zion—and more specifically, the town of Springdale—is not exactly the culinary capital of Utah. Having said that, there are some great places for that filling breakfast, leisurely lunch, or sumptuous dinner you’re looking for, if you are willing to explore. Below, you will find our list of the best restaurants in and around Zion National Park. 

best places to eat in Zion

Best Overall Restaurants Near Zion

  1. Bit and Spur – Looking for an eclectic Southwestern menu that adds an upmarket twist to Mexican classics? Then the Bit and Spur is the place to go. They have an incredible beer and whiskey menu, and the patio offers a stunning view of the Watchman and surrounding peaks. What really sets this place apart is the casual vibe; it’s great for couples and families alike. The service here is top notch and makes you feel welcome, even if it’s your first visit. Five stars all around. 
  2. Spotted Dog Café – This is the restaurant that shows up on all the typical Zion foodie lists—and for good reason. An upscale American restaurant with local meat specialties, the Spotted Dog pairs great food with a top notch wine list. The place fills up fast, though, so we highly recommend booking a reservation at least a week in advance. Walks in are welcome, but be prepared for a wait. 
  3. Pizza and Noodle – The most casual and family-friendly restaurant on this list, Pizza and Noodle is your local pizzeria with a twist. Their menu combines local microbrews with delicious and innovative pies like the Cholesterol Hiker and The European Trail. The noodle part of the restaurant’s name comes from their fresh-made pasta. If you have any kids in your group, this will be their new favorite restaurant. Stopping by Pizza and Noodle is a solid way to end an active and busy day in the great outdoors. 
best places to eat in Zion National Park

Best Quick Restaurants Near Zion

  1. Café Soleil – This great little café sits tucked away right next to the entrance to Zion National Park. Café Soleil offers some quick and delicious breakfast bites like egg sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and coffee. Quick, easy, and all around favorite. 
  2. Feel Love Café – A trendy, scenic coffee spot right on the main drag, Feel Love offers all of the traditional coffee concoctions but adds some great options for breakfast and lunch. Think avocado toast and protein smoothies with a side of hipsters. The view from the sitting area can’t be beat! Grabbing a bite here is the perfect way to spend an afternoon soaking in the natural beauty of Zion. 
  3. Zion Lodge Café – Open for breakfast and lunch, this is a great option for folks staying at the lodge. They offers breakfast favorites like sausage egg and cheese sandwiches, bagels, and even yogurt parfaits. The coffee is pretty decent considering the lodge is inside of a national park, and the convenience can’t be beat. COVID rules are takeout only, but the Zion Lodge Café is still a good spot for Lodge residents. 
  4. Meme’s Café – A local favorite in the heart of town, Meme’s is a great spot for lunch. Definitely try out their savory crepes, which come in both meat and vegetarian options. 
  5. Hoodoos Supermarket – Last but certainly not the least is Hoodoos Supermarket. Most people stop here just to grab some essentials for a few nights in the great outdoors. However, Hoodoos also has a no-frills deli that offers up some delicious sandwiches and pizza. 
best places to eat in Zion

No matter where you go to eat when you visit Zion National Park, the food will be delicious. However, one of the most incredible pieces of the food experience was the warm and genuine hospitality we received. We never made it through a meal without talking about where we were from, what we did that day, or how much our servers appreciated what was around them. That—and some incredible local microbrews from in and around Utah—make any dining near Zion a memorable experience.

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