Cambodia Travel Articles

A massive draw in the region due to the spectacular Angkor Wat, we’ve enjoyed our time in Cambodia – both at Angkor Wat and beyond the temple complex’s walls.

Of course, no visit to the country would be complete without spending at least a day at Angkor Wat. But if you have the time, we recommend buying a 3-day pass, visiting the most popular temples on Day 1, some lesser known and more remote temples on Day 2, and taking Day 3 easy by renting a bike and seeing anything you missed, or re-visiting your favorite spots.

Beyond Angokor Wat, however, Cambodia has a lot to offer travelers. Siem Reap has a relaxed vibe to it that’s worth exploring, and Phnom Penh is a hodgepodge of areas that perplexes and surprises.

For those heading north to Laos, a side trip to see the Irrawaddy River Dolphins is pleasant, and Kampot in the south has an air of crumbling grandeur that’s enchanting.

If you’re heading to or from Vietnam, floating your way along the Mekong River toward Can Tho is a pretty relaxing and scenic way to make the journey.