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Say Здраво (Zdravo) to Serbia!

If you’re planning a trip to Serbia, prepare to be surprised.

Growing up in Canada in the 90s, much of what I knew about Serbia wasn’t exactly flattering to the country. And while that’s not to say Serbia doesn’t have problems, it’s also an incredible country filled with warm, welcoming people. Seriously…the Serbs we met are so nice. And coming from one of the NATO countries involved in bombing Serbia not-that-long-ago, a visit here was also an eye-opener.


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  • On Canada, Serbia and Nationalism — Being Canadian, we’ve never thought twice about telling people where we’re from while travelling…until we went to Serbia. Not used to having to apologize for or worry about what locals think about my government, we thought-twice when we got to Serbia for the first time in our lives.
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A Cruise That Confronts the Past? Experiencing the Balkans By River Cruise

A Balkans Cruise That Confronts the Past? Experiencing the Balkans by Cruise and Learning About the Croatia-Serbia War with Viking River Cruises.     Disclosure: This website contains affiliate links. That means we may earn a small commission when you use the links on this site to book a hotel, buy your travel insurance, etc.. You don’t pay anything

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On Canada, Serbia and Nationalism

It’s late morning, and Geoff and I have just gotten on the elevator in the building of our AirBnB. We’re heading out for the day to explore Belgrade, Serbia’s capital. Right before the elevator doors close, a young woman with a toddler gets on. The doors close, and we begin our descent seven floors to street

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How To: Getting from Timisoara to Belgrade by Train

How to Get from Timisoara Romania to Belgrade Serbia by Train: Step-by-step Instructions that can be reversed if you’re travelling from Belgrade to Timisoara. This information is still correct as of June 2017, as per reader comments and emails from people who’ve recently made this trip. Disclosure: This website contains affiliate links. That means we may earn

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