When Life Gets Cold, We Get Nostalgic: Dreaming of Portugal’s Algarve!

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Last night, Geoff and I were talking, and we came to the conclusion that we may have made a major tactical error in coming to Edinburgh after our time in Southern Portugal: for one, the UK is shockingly expensive. Even though we’re housesitting, and thus saving money by not paying for accommodation, it feels like we’re burning through money at an unprecedented rate. But that’s not even the biggest part: frankly, it’s really cold here, and we find ourselves shivering through most of the day. Even with the awesome panda slippers I bought at Primark, my feet are cold 99 percent of the time.


Even with the cozy historic pubs stocked with real Scottish ales to warm my soul, I dread the moment we have to go outside. And frankly, I hesitate to ever do laundry, lest I have to sleep even one night without my ratty, black fleece zip-up.

And it doesn’t help that we just published a post over at Travel Underwriters, extolling the virtues of visiting Southern Portugal and all of it’s glorious highlights. No, that just rubs salt in our freezing cold wounds.

“Remember how nice it was on a sunny day in Portugal,” says Geoff.


“Remember the road trips we took? The beaches?” says I.

Shells 2
These shells don’t know how good they’ve got it


Beach, looking west
Albufeira beach, looking west


A somewhat more elaborate sand castle
So warm. So very, very warm.


I may be exaggerating slightly. After all, visiting Edinburgh means we get to hang out with some of our bestest friends ever, and take pictures like this:


And also, Scotland has things that Portugal doesn’t (I am talking to you, caramel shortbread). Suffice it to say that, although we are actually loving Scotland, when we finish our time in the UK, we will be heading south to warmer pastures (and beaches).

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