What to Pack for Mexico

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What to pack for Mexico can be a very overwhelming thing to think about! Mexico’s weather varies quite a bit throughout the year, and has many different landscapes and climates. Mexico also has a rainy season, which is typically from May to September, and a dry season. Being aware of the season you’re traveling in will help you decide what to pack for your trip to Mexico.

When deciding what to pack, you must also keep in mind the activities and adventures that you want to have. Are you planning on exploring an area with a lot of walking? Laying on the beach? Going snorkeling? All these questions are key to deciding what to pack for Mexico.

Baja California receives about 9 inches of rain annually, and southern Baja California has warm winters and hot summers. Los Cabos receives 10 inches of rain annually, but the majority of rain occurs in September and October. As for Northern Mexico, the weather there varies a lot. The average high in Northern Mexico during August would be 90°F. But in January the average low is 48°F, and there is even snow sometimes. Central Mexico has spring-like weather with hot days and cool evenings and nights. Once you’ve decided where you’re traveling and what kind of exploration you will be doing, the job of packing is half done.

Don’t forget any Mexico packing essentials with this easy-to-follow list. Keeping in mind the season and what you’re doing in Mexico, here is what you need to pack. 

What to Pack for Mexico

Beach wear

Being in Mexico, you’re likely going to find yourself on the beach at some point. Pack beach wear that you love!

Charcoal Tablets

While not being approved by the FDA, many travellers find it helpful to have activated charcoal tablets on hand. Charcoal is a dietary supplement and can help get rid of any gas.


It's very important to pack footwear according to where you are travelling to in Mexico and for what kind of adventures you’re wanting to have.

Floating device

Snap great pictures of yourself in Mexico lazing on a beautiful floating device.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

There are mosquitos in Mexico, so be ready with mosquito repellent bracelets.


You don't want a sick day to get in the way of your vacation!

Universal Waterproof Phone Case

Keep your phone out at the beach and get all those photos with a universal waterproof phone case.

Underwater Camera

Go live with your audience and show off your snorkeling skills with an underwater camera.

Light sweater/cardigan

The weather can cool off quite significantly at nighttime. Don’t get caught without a sweater or cardigan to keep you warm.

Mexico is an incredible place to visit. With its various landscapes, weather conditions, and world-known beaches, it is an amazing destination. Make sure you’ve packed the necessities to get the most out of your trip!

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