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Say Ni Hao to Taiwan!

Katie and Geoff, the original founders of Wandertooth, actually met in Taiwan. So it holds a special place in the hearts of the Wandertooth team.

After quitting their jobs to live the digital nomad lifestyle,  they returned and actually lived there for some time!

Taiwan is beautiful and lush, with sub-tropics in the south and bustling cities. If you have a trip to Taiwan planned, we’re so excited for you!

  • Where to Stay in Taipei — Taiwan’s largest city and dynamic capital, Taipei is a 24-hour city, where night markets, modern shopping, and amazing food compete for your attention with temples and artifacts. We asked a local about the coolest neighborhoods to stay in Taipei, and have outlined suggestions in each.
  • First Time Guide to Taipei — Large Asian cities can be a bit intimidating at first, but not Taipei. It’s a friendly, easy-to-navigate city with plenty to do. We asked locally-based travel blogger Nick for his best suggestions about how to spend a 3-day introduction to the city.