Say Bok to Croatia!

We first visited Croatia back in 2014, and spent a month in the country, visiting Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t written a lot about our experiences in Croatia, with only post to share for now. However, we’re super excited to going on Viking Cruises’ Passage to Eastern Europe river cruise in June 2017, which will take us from Budapest to Bucharest, through parts of Croatia. Which means, soon we’ll have more stories to tell….!

Posts About Croatia

  • Where Wine and War Collide — We visited one of Croatia’s best wineries, and discovered an incredible story, while enjoying a few glasses of world-class vino!
  • We Loved Zagreb (And Think You Will Too) — Zagreb doesn’t have an amazing reputation among a lot of travellers, with people using adjectives like ‘boring’ to describe the city. Personally, we really liked it there…we hope this post will help convince you to visit!

Split Croatia Photo