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Say Hei to Finland!

We’ve been to Finland only once, on a several-day visit to Helsinki from Tallinn, Estonia on our Baltics trip

And to be totally honest, we came away with mixed reviews. Katie loved Helsinki. Geoff? Not so much.

Katie loved the laid-back, upscale Scandinavian vibe and the focus on awesome design. Geoff found it to be a bit lackluster, with nothing amazing to hold his attention.

So while we can’t give a definitive opinion on the city, we do have a few posts to help you decide whether you should visit Helsinki. And hopefully, we’ll get back to the city, and to Finland more broadly, so we can experience more and give it another chance!


Posts About Finland

  • The Three Churches of Helsinki — The 3 ‘famous’ churches of Helsinki are some of the city’s top tourist attractions. This is a short photo post about the red church, white church, and (our favorite) the rock church
  • The Helsinki Font Walk — A self-guided walking tour through Helsinki, I thought the font walk would be really fun. Instead, it was a disappointment – here’s why you should probably give it a pass.
Helsinki Font Walk Hope Alto Sign

Helsinki Font Walk Review: You Disappointed Me

I have been avoiding writing this post. When it started out — this little idea in my head — it seemed like such a good idea. Something unique and different and offering a totally different perspective on a city we’d never been to. Good intentions and enthusiasm quickly turned to grumpiness, walking on eggshells, and

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Helsinki White Church
Photo (viaPixabay) by thomlaw is licensed under CC0 Public Domain. Resized from original.