Glamping Packing List

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Wondering what to pack for your first glamping trip! I’ve got you covered. This glamping packing list has all the essentials – and a few fun extras – to make sure you have the best fancy camping trip ever.

luxury glamping area at westgate river ranch

We recently had a chance to check glamping off our bucket list with a trip to Westgate River Ranch Resort in Florida. If you’ve never heard of glamping before, it’s a cross between “glamorous” and “camping”. So fancy camping.

And while choosing a glamping option over traditional camping definitely means more of the creature comforts will be included – there are still some essentials that you just don’t want to forget. So here is my ultimate glamping packing list!

Glamping Packing List

Here are all the essentials you need to pack for a perfect glamping experience.

Campsite Comforts

Your glamping site is likely going to be pretty comfy right out of the gate, but here are a few things that can make your stay even more cushy.

Eating & Drinking

Grilling up a delicious dinner and enjoying an adult beverage next to the fire is pretty much the ideal glamping evening. So here are a few things to make sure you eat and drink like a king (or queen!).

Fun Extras

You're on vacation, right? So here are a few ideas to make sure you stay relaxed and entertained on your glamping vacation.

Personal Care

Your glamping tent will likely come with a few essentials, but there are some personal care items you should make sure to bring along from home.

What to Wear Glamping

Of course your wardrobe will depend on the weather and your glamping destination, but here are a few essentials that you should put on your list.

Here are a few more resources to help you plan the perfect glamping trip:

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