I Tre Moschettieri Luxury Guest House in Rome – Our Full Review!

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We recently returned from a bucket list family trip to Italy, including the enchanting city of Rome. We made the I Tre Moschettieri Guest House our home base for exploring all the wonders of the city. So was it worth it? Let me tell you!

view over the city of Rome

You can check the current rates for I Tre Moschettieri Guest House here. We booked through Booking.com, because I like that I can rely on their customer service and generous cancellation policies. This is especially important to me when booking smaller properties that are not part of a global brand.

Location in Rome’s City Center

me and my husband at Piazza Navona

The location here is really perfect. It doesn’t get more central than this – with the Pantheon and Piazza Navona just a few minutes in one direction and the Trevi Fountain just a few minutes the other way. We even walked to our Colosseum tour, which was took about 20 minutes.

Walking is the best way to get around Rome thanks to the insane amounts of both foot and car traffic, so being central to the main sites is a huge plus and will save you a ton of time.

entrance to the hotel from within a restaurant
Here is the entrance – no clear signs!

Now, the one thing I should mention is the very awkward entrance. We had a hard time finding the place because the entryway is basically in the middle of a restaurant.

We actually walked through it with our suitcases twice, until one of the waiters stopped to point us in the right direction. We must have looked very confused. But on the plus side, they have happy hour and make a pretty decent mojito…

I should also mention that there is no elevator – so be prepared to drag your luggage up several flights of stairs.

Our Room at I Tre Moschettieri: A Triple Room

our triple room at Il Tre Moschettieri

The room was awesome and is the main reason to stayed here versus a traditional hotel in Rome. It was absolutely massive, essentially a studio apartment. We booked a triple room, which had three beds. And it had a nice size dining table for four in the middle, where we enjoyed sitting to play games in the evening.

There was a mini fridge with some mini bar items, but still plenty of room to use it for our own snacks and water bottles. And there was also a kettle and coffee pot – something we did not find in any of our Amalfi Coast hotels. Yay for city conveniences!

the bathroom in our hotel room

The bathroom was also the nicest we found on our trip. Gigantic with a lovely walk in shower and separate water closet for the toilet, and double sinks.

a hair dryer on the bathroom table in the hotel

And a REAL hair dryer. I really hate those wall mounted hotel hair dryers.

view from our hotel room window

No view to speak of, but you could look out to the streets below from the three windows. (You can also see part of that restaurant in the picture above – that’s where you enter the hotel!)

Overall, it was a comfortable space for our family of three and could have easily been workable for a larger family too.


Here’s the thing – there really are no amenities. It’s a guest house rather than a hotel. The rooms were spread out among two floors of a larger building. It looked like there were some offices on the other floors, but hard to tell.

sitting area outside the room

On our floor, there was this small sitting area with a couple chairs and a table where they placed out some croissants and coffee in the morning. And the second floor had a larger, but similar area, along with the reception desk.

Both floors were accessible with a keypad to keep them secure from non guests, which makes sense since there is no staffed entrance.

There are no other common areas of the hotel or any facilities to use. That’s not really a critique – that’s the type of hotel it is. And the price is much lower than most of the full service hotels in Rome’s city center.


Everyone we encountered here was really kind and helpful, so no complaints there. The only thing that was disappointing was the inability to get an early check in.

We arrived very early (about 11:45), since that’s when our train got into the city from the Amalfi Coast. It couldn’t be helped. The room was being cleaned at the time – like we could literally see the housekeeper in there cleaning it. So we left our luggage and ventured out for lunch. No problem.

waiting for the room to be cleaned
This was the only place to wait while the room was being cleaned…

We stopped back after lunch at 1:15 and it was still being cleaned. Went back out and came back at 2:15 and it still wasn’t ready. We got into the room at about 2:30pm, which to their credit is still earlier than the 3pm check in time.

But I do not understand how it could possibly have taken that long to clean a single room, especially when guests are there waiting.

my son with an umbrella in the rain in Rome

I would normally not care much about this, but it was also pouring outside, so we couldn’t walk around. And with no common areas, we were forced to either just get soaked outside or hover around the little waiting area beside the room. It was not really their fault, but also not really a good first impression.

That being said, the front desk staff was really helpful. They gave us a great map of the city center with directions to everything and arranged a car service for us at the end of our trip. So I’d say it was fine for the price.

Would we stay here again?

I think so. While I think I prefer a more full service hotel, I also really appreciated the size of the room and the lower price tag for something so centrally located in the tourist center of Rome. So I would probably stay at Il Moschettieri Guest House again, especially for a longer trip where the space makes a bigger difference. For more options, be sure to check out my full guide on where to stay in Rome.

You can check the current rates for I Tre Moschettieri Guest House here. We booked through Booking.com, because I like being able to rely on their customer service and generous cancellation policies if anything goes wrong!

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