Where to Stay in Sorrento

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So you’re headed to the beautiful city of Sorrento, Italy? Let me introduce you to this colorful town and show you the very best areas of the city to stay, plus my top hotel recommendations.

view from the balcony in our room at Imperial Hotel Tramontano

We’ve recently returned from a family vacation in Italy, where we spent a wonderful week in Sorrento and the sun-soaked Amalfi Coast. And while the trip itself was wonderful and relaxing, I can’t say the same about the planning. There are just so many options!

So I pulled together this helpful guide so you can spend less time stressing over where to stay, and more time planning the fun stuff.

Map of Sorrento – Key Areas and Attractions

Let’s start off by getting the lay of the land – here is my homemade map of Sorrento with all the important stuff marked.

map of Sorrento showing major landmarks
Base map courtesy of Google Maps.

Before you start browsing the hotels themselves, take a look at the map above and make note of some key areas and attractions.

The City Center is outlined in white. This is where you will find the bulk of restaurants, bars, nightlife, and historical sites. Everything within this area of town is easily walkable, and I strongly suggest staying inside this area if at all possible.

Note the long stretch of waterfront within the city center. Many of the hotels on the list below are located here, and this is still a very convenient area for walking to everything in town. The piers that you see in the water there are mostly beach clubs. I use the term beach clubs loosely since there is no actual beach here – just piers set up with lounge chairs jutting out into the sea.

Marina Piccola is the largest marina in Sorrento and is where you will catch the ferry to Capri, Naples, or any of the towns along the Amalfi Coast.

Piazza Tasso is the main square in town and is a hub of bars and restaurants. However, you will find great dining and shopping all through the city center. This is a popular area to stay, but I personally find it a bit congested and less charming than other parts of town.

Corso Italia is one of the main thoroughfares through downtown Sorrento. This area is bustling with good dining and shopping and is where you will likely end up most evenings. This is a nice area to stay, but it is walkable from anywhere in the city center.

Marina Grande is a smaller boat dock with a small beach area, and some great seafood restaurants. This is a nice area as well, but is about a 15 minute walk from the center of town.

Now that we have a handle on the layout of the city, we’re ready to look at some hotel recommendations!

Best Hotels in Sorrento, Italy

Best Luxury Hotels in Sorrento ($$$$)

Sorrento is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. If you're looking to splurge, these hotel picks are sure to deliver a once in a lifetime experience.

Best Premium Hotels in Sorrento ($$$)

If you're looking for top notch accommodations, without the super premium price tag, here are some fantastic hotels that will deliver an unforgettable holiday in Sorrento.

Best Moderate Hotels in Sorrento ($$)

If you're looking for a better value without giving up too much on convenience and amenities, check out these more modestly price hotels, which are still in the middle of the action.

Best Budget Hotels in Sorrento ($)

Yes, it is totally possible to visit Sorrento on a more modest budget as well. These hotel picks are a great value and will still deliver a fantastic time.

FAQs: Where to stay in Sorrento?

What is the best area to stay in Sorrento?

I always recommend staying within the city center, which will put you within walking distance to everything in town including the ferry port, restaurants, and shopping. At the top of this article, I’ve included a map showing the area I consider to be “city center”.

What are the best hotels in Sorrento for a sea view?

In my opinion, the most spectacular sea views can be had from: Bellevue Syrene, Maison la Minervetta, Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Imperial Hotel Tramontano, and Grand Hotel Ambasciatori. Of these options, Imperial Hotel Tramontano is usually the most affordable and has the most convenient location in town. You can see my full review of Imperial Hotel Tramontano here.

What are the best beach hotels in Sorrento?

First, you should set some realistic expectations as Sorrento doesn’t have much true beach area. There is a small rocky beach near Marina Grande and then many “beach clubs” built into the rocky outcroppings along the waterfront. But if lounging in the sun is a priority, consider one of the hotels offering private beach clubs such as the Bellevue Syrene, Maison la Minervetta, or Grand Hotel Ambasciatori.

What are the best hotels in Sorrento for families with kids?

Most hotels in Sorrento are welcoming to families, even in the highest tier accommodations. However, some of the best options for families are Hotel Antiche Mura and Sorrento Pool & Suites, which both have a laid back vibe and great family-friendly pools. The Hilton Sorrento Palace is also a very good choice for families, if you don’t mind being a bit outside the city center.

What are the best hotels in Piazza Tasso?

I am a fan of both Hotel Antiche Mura and Hotel Plaza, both offering very reasonably priced rooms right near the famous Piazza Tasso.

What are the best hotels in the Sorrento city center?

There are many great options on the list above. My personal favorites are Imperial Hotel Tramontano and Grand Hotel La Favorita. And the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria is certainly the most luxurious option in the city center, if you can afford the price tag!

What are the best hotels in Sorrento for couples?

There are so many choices! The five star Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria is a great upscale option for couples, with a Michelin starred restaurant. And the Grand Hotel La Favorita is another five star hotel with a trendy rooftop pool and restaurant that is just perfect for hanging out in the evenings.

What are the best hotels in Sorrento for a honeymoon?

For a honeymoon, it’s hard to beat the Bellevue Syrene, which must be one of the most romantic hotels in the world. Maison la Minervetta is another wonderful choice with great sea views and a private beach area. Or stay a bit outside the city center at the Grand Hotel Ambasciatori with its oceanfront pool and private beach club.

What are the best hotels in Sorrento with a pool?

Many of the hotels have pools, but the ones with the best pools are Grand Hotel la Favorita’s rooftop pool, Grand Hotel Ambasciatori’s pool on a sea view terrace, and Hotel Antiche Mura’s pool in its lovely garden. The Hilton Sorrento Palace also has a huge family-friendly pool, if you don’t mind being a bit further from town.

Is it better to stay in Naples or Sorrento?

Sorrento, almost always. Naples is a big city without any of the quaint charm that you’ll find in Sorrento. Sorrento is also a much better home base for exploring the entire Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri.

Is it better to stay in Sorrento or on the Amalfi Coast?

It will depend entirely on what you want to see and do in the region. And if you have time, it’s ideal to spend a few nights in each. For help deciding where to stay, check out my guide to all the cities on the Amalfi Coast.

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