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Say Cześć to Poland!

If you’re planning a trip to Poland, prepare to be surprised.

Not exactly at the top of most people’s bucket lists, Poland is an underrated gem with a lot to offer travellers. Every time we visit, we like it more and more, and we have plans to keep going back as long as we’re based in Central Europe.


Posts About Poland

  • Where to Stay in Krakow — One of Poland’s hippest and most enchanting cities, Krakow is the city to visit if you only have time for one. From the enchanting Stare Miasto to the young and fun Kazimierz, our local expert explains the best areas to stay in Krakow for any type of traveller.
  • Where to Stay in Warsaw — Poland’s buzzing capital city, Warsaw is a city that is up-and-coming. Beyond the beautifully re-built Old Town, which was destroyed in WWII (although you wouldn’t know it today!), Warsaw is full of hip little areas and cool area you’ll love exploring. We asked a local expert to help you decide where to stay and where to explore in Warsaw.
  • On our first visit to Poland, we Visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp to learn about the horrors of the Holocaust and Nazi regime. Not an easy day, but an important place to visit from Krakow.
  • An old post about Polish Vodka, which we (of course) tried on our first trip to the country.
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