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Say Cześć to Poland!

If you’re planning a trip to Poland, prepare to be surprised.

Not exactly at the top of most people’s bucket lists, Poland is an underrated gem with a lot to offer travellers. Every time we visit, we like it more and more, and we have plans to keep going back as long as we’re based in Central Europe.


Posts About Poland

  • Where to Stay in Krakow — One of Poland’s hippest and most enchanting cities, Krakow is the city to visit if you only have time for one. From the enchanting Stare Miasto to the young and fun Kazimierz, our local expert explains the best areas to stay in Krakow for any type of traveller.
  • Where to Stay in Warsaw — Poland’s buzzing capital city, Warsaw is a city that is up-and-coming. Beyond the beautifully re-built Old Town, which was destroyed in WWII (although you wouldn’t know it today!), Warsaw is full of hip little areas and cool area you’ll love exploring. We asked a local expert to help you decide where to stay and where to explore in Warsaw.
  • On our first visit to Poland, we Visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp to learn about the horrors of the Holocaust and Nazi regime. Not an easy day, but an important place to visit from Krakow.
  • An old post about Polish Vodka, which we (of course) tried on our first trip to the country.
Find the best places to stay in Warsaw

Where to Stay in Warsaw: A Guide to Finding the Best Area to Stay in Warsaw

Is Warsaw Worth Visiting? Heck, Yes! Our Where to Stay in Warsaw Poland guide is about far more than just finding the best places to stay in Warsaw. It includes  everything you need to know about getting around, visiting Old town Warsaw, and getting off-the-beaten-path to explore vibrant neighborhoods, world-class museums, historical sights, amazing day

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Where to stay in Krakow, Poland

Where to Stay in Krakow: The Best Areas to Stay in Krakow, Poland

Where to Stay in Krakow: Advice from a travel blogger and expat in Krakow about the best neighborhoods to stay in Krakow, Poland! (Plus 24 hotel and holiday apartment ideas) We created this guide in collaboration with Charlotte Døvle, a Norwegian travel blogger and graphic designer who splits her time between Oslo and Krakow. We’re thrilled

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Gnomes in Wroclaw Poland

The Unexpectedly Awesome Gnomes of Wrocław Poland

It came to us, like so many ideas in our lives, in a café. It was late autumn, still nice enough when the sun was shining, but with a threatening chill preparing to dampen our spirits with a drab, central European winter. Our friend Karsten, whom we’d met the year before in a hostel in Bucharest, was passing

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Entry gate to Auschwitz

Visiting Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Today we’re talking about Auschwitz, and I’m not going to lie…it’s going to be a tough one. No jokes here, kids. Just piles and piles of shit. I know, I know: I’m sorry about the foul language. I realize it’s crass, and unbecoming, and gosh darn unladylike. My grandmother would almost certainly be disappointed with

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"Nazi flags on display at the Schindler Factory"

Oskar Schindler Factory (aka Schindler Museum): The A-holes of History

It’s impossible to visit Krakow, Poland without confronting the grim place it holds in our collective memories: Auschwitz — a Don’t Miss Day Trip I’ll be writing about soon– is less than 90 minutes away, and the Krakow ghetto had some of the worst conditions in Europe. Krakow’s Jews (and Krakovians in general) truly got the

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The Salt Mine near Krakow Poland

Salt Cathedral and Salt Mine near Krakow Poland: Don’t Miss Day Trip

Surprise! And happy Wednesday Thursday! I’ve decided to launch a new series — Don’t Miss Day Trips– to go along with the ever-so-popular Around the World in 80 Drinks and The A-Holes of History series we already have going! We’ll be highlighting both popular and lesser-known destinations within a day’s reach of popular destinations. To

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Funny sign in Krakow Poland

Around the World in 80 Drinks: Polish Vodka

Happy Monday! To celebrate the beginning of this week, I’ve decided it’s time to launch a new series: Around the World in 80 Drinks! We’re not really going to drink 80 beverages: we’ll have far more than that! Not at the same time or anything…no, we would never do that. It’s just a name, you guys! Jeez.

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