Travel blog, world travel, where to stay, city guides
Travel blog, world travel, where to stay, city guides

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Read our totally awesome, totally free travel guides to cities around the world. We hire local experts to ensure you get the best advice for your trip!

Rome Coloring Book Colloseum

Coloring Books

Check out our 3 travel-themed adult coloring books, made for travel photos we’ve taken around the world. Color the original multi-country book, or colour our Mexico or Rome version.

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About Wandertooth

Wandertooth is a noun – you know, like a person, place, or thing! In this case, it’s a thing. A wandertooth is like a sweet tooth, only with travel-y goodness instead of sugary goodness. It’s a fondness or desire for wandering or travel; an unquenchable desire; a craving that – once satisfied – only leaves you salivating and depressed and desperate for more.
What started as a way to chronicle its founders personal travels, Wandertooth is now a place for writers from all over the world to share their best tips about their cities. If you’re planning a vacation, we hope Wandertooth can help!

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