What to Pack for Italy’s Amalfi Coast

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Planning a trip to Italy’s Amalfi Coast? Here’s my full guide on what to pack for your Amalfi Coast vacation – including what to wear to look stylish and fit in with the locals, the best shoes for all those steps, and the beach gear you shouldn’t leave home without.

me and my family sitting under the lemon trees

So you’re planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast. Lucky you! It’s one of the most glamorous destinations in Italy, but there’s so much more to Italy than just pretty cafes and people watching. It also has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, incredible hiking opportunities, and delicious fresh seafood.

But what do you need to pack? And what on earth do you wear? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! We’ve just returned from an incredible family vacation on Amalfi Coast and I’ve pulled together this complete packing list so you can be stylish and ready to take on whatever adventures come your way.

And for all you parents out there, I’ve also included some practical tips to make your trip as stress-free as possible. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get packing and start planning your dream vacation to the Amalfi Coast!

What to Wear – Best Clothes for Amalfi Coast

me and my husband at amalfi heaven gardens

Your packing list for the Amalfi Coast depends largely on the time of year you plan to visit. It can get pretty chilly in the winter, scorching hot in the summer, and mild to hot in the spring and fall.

Now, here’s the deal: unlike many other areas of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a real hot spot for tourism only during the warmer months. So, my packing list is focused on the spring, summer, and early fall seasons.

Keep in mind that the weather can be hot. And when I say hot, I mean really hot. So in general, you’ll want to focus on clothing that is light and comfortable!

Clothing Recommendations for Women:

me walking on an old street in pompeii

In addition to being comfortable in the hot summer weather, most of us ladies also hope to look a little stylish on vacation. And if you can dress to fit in with the locals – well that is a definite win! Here are a few recommendations:

Flowy skirts paired with tanks and tees. This was basically my uniform for our own Amalfi Coast vacation. I practically lived in light flowy skirts and paired them with simple t-shirts and tank tops. It was comfortable, cool, and looked pretty. And also easy to dress up or down for daytime sightseeing or evening dinners.

I packed these three exact skirts: A-Line Boho Maxi Skirt (in white), Flowy Maxi Skirt (in rust), and Ruffle Hem Layered Maxi Skirt (in yellow). They were all comfy and inexpensive! And for tank tops, I really love these basic tanks from The Drop.

Summer dresses. Light and summery dresses are another great option for both daytime and evening. I personally loved this casual dress for daytime and this dressier option for evening.

Lightweight linen pants. If you’re not into skirts or dresses, your next most comfy option is going to be lightweight linen pants. (I like these Roxy linen pants.) This is also a popular look with locals, so you will fit right in. I personally found my linen pants to be a bit too hot for summer, so would opt for this more in the Spring and Fall.

Swimsuits. Obviously, you will need swimwear! I always bring two swimsuits on vacation so one can be hung to dry while the other is worn. (These swimsuits from TA3 are the best I’ve ever owned!)

Swimsuit coverup. And if you plan to hit the beaches and pools, you’ll want to bring along some kind of coverup for wearing to and fro. I am partial to this style because it looks cute with shorts too.

Sandals. For footwear, I favor sandals for both daytime and evening wear. As a Floridian, I pretty much live in flip flops. But Italians don’t tend to wear flip flops much outside of the beach or pool. So for this trip, I grabbed a pair of these Reef sandals, which were great for walking around town and for the beach.

Stylish sneakers for walking. With all the stairs along the Amalfi Coast, you’re going to need some sneakers as well. Italians will commonly wear stylish sneakers even with dresses or skirts – so go for it! I wore these cute Olukai sneakers.

Hiking shoes and clothes. If you plan to take on the Path of the Gods, the most famous hiking path on Amalfi Coast, be sure to prep! The terrain is not too tough, but it is rocky enough to require some proper footwear. I used these Altra trail runners and they were perfect!

Clothing Recommendations for Men:

my son and husband on a tour of pompeii

Shorts. Ok, so shorts are a much debated topic when it comes to Italy travel. Some people seem to believe that Italians are just too stylish for shorts.  But let me assure you that both men and women wear shorts in Italy, at least in the summertime. These shorts from Bluffworks are perfect for travel – comfy enough to wear all day and dressy enough for a casual dinner.

Lightweight button down shirts. Comfy t-shirts are fine during the day, and button up or polo style shirts are ideal for evening wear. The Amalfi Coast is very laid back – shorts and a button down are fine for most restaurants at dinnertime, unless you’re dining in higher end establishments.

Lightweight pants for evening. If you do plan to check out any fancier restaurants on your trip, pack along a pair of lightweight pants (like these pants made especially for travel) for evening wear.

Swim trunks. Don’t forget your swimwear! Trunk style swimsuits are more commonly found here, rather than the speedo style you see in other European countries. So if you are American, you’re usual swim shorts are probably just fine. If you need a new suit – Fair Harbor makes great swim trunks.

Loafers. A pair of stylish loafers are a comfortable option that looks good enough for both daytime and evening wear.

Sandals. And a pair of waterproof sandals or flip flops will be needed for the beach! These are my fave.

Important: Church dress codes!

If you plan to visit any of the lovely churches along the Amalfi Coast, you’ll need to be mindful of the dress code. This means that knees and shoulders must be covered. For women, the easiest way to comply is to wear a longer skirt or dress and bring along a light scarf (like this) for covering the shoulders. For men, knee length shorts are usually deemed acceptable.

More Amalfi Coast Essentials

my husband and son walking in Positano

Cross body bag. For daytime sightseeing, I recommend a cross body style bag. As in most busy cities around the world, pickpocketing can be an issue, and a crossbody bag helps keep your things secure. I have been using this same Bagallini Crossbody bag for years and it’s perfect.

Drawstring backpack. I also packed along an inexpensive drawstring backpack that we used for our boating and beach trips! I’ve been using it as my beach bag ever since.

Sun hat. If you’re a hat person, this would be the time you need one. The sun is intense and a brimmed sun hat is a cute way to keep your face shaded.

Beach towels. Your hotel may have beach towels available for you, but this is not universal, so be sure to check ahead. We brought our own lightweight quick dry towels that were easy to throw in the beach bag for the day. If you don’t have your own, you can often rent towels at the beach clubs.

Sunscreen. And lots of it! I like SunBum for a reef safe option.

Sunglasses. Don’t forget the sunnies. I like to buy cheap ones like this for vacation, so I am not upset when they get lost. And they always do.

Bug spray. The mosquitoes can be intense on the coast, especially in the summer. I always pack along these mosquito wipes because they are easier to carry around than the large spray bottles.

Travel umbrella. I always recommend packing one of these travel umbrellas. They’re windproof, rainproof, and will totally save your day if you get caught in a rainstorm.

Hair ties. Ladies, don’t forget those hair ties. You will need them! I recently found these cute braided hair ties that look like bracelets, and I am in love with them. So much cuter when I keep the extras on my wrist.

Hand sanitizer or wipes. Always an essential for travel. But especially in Italy where the public bathroom situation can be pretty… intense. These travel size sanitizers on clips are pretty handy.

Coins! And on that note, make sure you bring along some Euro coins as well for access to public toilets.

Medical Kit. I always recommend packing along any meds you may need on your trip that would be difficult or inconvenient to get in your destination. In Italy, you will be able to find basics like Paracetamol but may not find your preferred brand of cold medicines. I also found that I needed motion sickness medicines for the boat days and (even more so) the long, windy drives.

Phrase book. Do not assume everyone will speak English in Italy. Many people will, especially in tourist establishments. But many locals will have limited English skills. I love this Rick Steve’s phrase book.

Tech Essentials

Chargers. Always bring extra chargers for all electronics!

Camera plus extra SD cards and batteries. This place is breathtaking. Bring a real camera and take lots of pictures. I used a Sony A6300 mirrorless camera for most of our Amalfi Coast photos.

Waterproof phone case or pouch. We like these simple waterproof pouches. You can even take underwater pictures through them.

Power bank. I have two of these power bricks that come on all my travels.

Wifi hot spot – or a good international plan. We used the Travel Pass on our AT&T plans for $10/day.

Best Luggage for Amalfi Coast

If you can manage it, going with smaller carry-on size luggage or backpack style luggage is the best option. (We like these Away bags.)

There are two main reasons for this. First, the stairs and cobblestone streets! There are so many stairs in cities like Positano, and you will be hauling that luggage up all of them.

The second reason is transportation. If you plan to move around via ferry or train, the luggage space is very limited and you will have a hard time finding space to stow larger suitcases.

Extras for Kids

my son on a boat with Positano in the background

Beach gear. If travelling with kids, be sure to bring along any beachy needs. For my son, that means goggles for swimming. We also brought along our own life vest for the two boat trips we had planned – which made snorkeling a lot more enjoyable for him. The neoprene style vests are by far the most comfortable. I was very torn on packing the vest due to space, but it really was an essential item.

Baby carrier. If you have a little one, consider baby wearing as much as possible. Strollers are hard to manage on the cobblestone streets and staircases.

Beach Toys and Snorkels. In addition, it’d nice to bring along a couple simple beach toys like these collapsible beach buckets. And we always bring our own full face snorkel masks, which are much more comfortable than the ones provided on tours.

Kids underwater camera. This is a fun addition! Or put your phone in a waterproof pouch and let them film some underwater videos. Just make sure they wear that lanyard so your phone isn’t sleeping with the fishes!

Car seat or portable booster, if renting a car. If you rent a car to drive yourself, you are required to have kids in car seats. Depending on your kids’ ages, you might be able to use something like the Bubble Bum booster for easy travelling.

What Not to Pack

  • Jeans – it’s simply too hot. Don’t even try.
  • High heeled shoes. There are stairs everywhere, and cobblestone streets. You will break an ankle.
  • Hair dryer or other appliances. Italy uses 220V electricity. Even with a converter, I have burned out many hair dryers this way. Just use the hotel hair dryers.

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