Where To Stay in Seville Spain: Seville’s Coolest Neighbourhoods

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Where to Stay in Seville: Advice from a local American expat and travel blogger about the best neighborhoods to stay in Seville, Spain! Includes recommendations for 13 places to stay in Seville.

We created this guide in collaboration with Cat Gaa, an American expat and travel blogger who has lived in Seville since 2007. Cat served as our local expert (and photographer) by outlining the best areas to stay in Seville, and I (Katie) spent hours researching hotel recommendations, and listing specific places to stay in Seville, so you don’t have to!
Where to Stay in Seville Neighborhood Guide

Where to Stay in Seville: Start Here For A Quick Look At The Best Areas to Stay in Seville

If you’re here looking for quick answer about where to stay in Seville, start here. We’ve included detailed neighborhood outlines for the best places to stay in Seville below, but we also wanted to provide an at-a-glance summary of the best neighborhoods in Seville to help you choose where to stay in Seville quickly and easily. Hopefully, this helps!

  • Santa Cruz: By far the most central and convenient location for seeing Seville’s top sights, Santa Cruz is also the most touristy. If you’re in Seville for a few days and want to make the most of your time, consider staying in beautiful, historical and convenient Santa Cruz! Indeed, Santa Cruz is probably the best location to stay in Seville for a quick trip to Seville, or a city break!
  • El Arenal: An upscale yuppie neighborhood with posh spots and cocktail bars, El Arenal is still very convenient and a great option for both budget and luxury options! El Arenal is one of the poshest Seville neighborhoods.
  • La Macarena: Gastro pubs, craft beer, and great nightlife. La Macarena and its component parts (La Alameda de Hércules, San Julian, Calle Feria, Pelicano, Jardines del Valle, Ponce de Leon) is one of Seville’s coolest neighborhoods. La Macarena is the best place to stay in Seville if you’re looking for a young and vibrant scene, and don’t mind walking a bit longer to get to the historical centre.
  • Alfalfa: Home to hipsters with platinum cards, Alfalfa is central, cool and well-to-do. Alfalfa is the best part of Seville to stay if you’re looking for a hip, upscale vibe that’s still beautiful, historical and central!
  • Triana: If you want to blend in with locals, head across the river to Triana, beloved by both locals and expats. Triana is the best area to stay in Seville for a truly local experience.

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Cat’s Seville Story

I didn’t choose to live in Seville – the Spanish government chose it for me. I came to live in Seville, the capital of Southern Spain, in late 2007 to participate in a bilateral teaching exchange, pinning all of my hopes on being places in or near Granada, a university town renowned for its Moorish architecture and free tapas (and, of course, the Alhambra).

Enter the nearby village of Olivares and a group of 1000 teenagers who would launch my TEFL career and keep me rooted in southern Spain’s vibrant, traditional capital city. Not knowing much more than how to get to Olivares — let alone, where to stay in Seville — I skipped living in the trendy neighborhoods of Seville in favor of a traditional barrio (neighborhood) close to the bus line I’d need to catch for work in Olivares. Thankfully, I found a thriving arts scene, access to public transportation and a small community that fostered my transition into Spanish and Sevillano life.

Nine years later, I’ve lived in many of the best neighborhoods in Seville (and even bought a house in the first barrio I ever lived in!), eaten my way around its tapas bars and closed its discos early in the morning while discovering the hidden rincones of the most central neighborhoods. And as a blogger whose page, Sunshine and Siestas, is full of Seville-centric tips, I’ve learned a thing or two to help you make the most of your trip to Andalusia’s largest city: including this where to stay in Seville guide, which includes the most popular and the coolest neighborhoods to stay in Seville. 

Where to Stay in Seville: Getting Your Bearings in Seville

The first thing to understand when you’re picking the best place to stay in Seville is the city’s layout, and how recent history impacts Seville’s neighborhoods.

The city of Seville (population 700,000) is the de facto capital of Andalusia and referred to as Sevilla (suh-vee-yuh) in Spanish. It’s loud, it’s traditional and it’s gorgeous, thanks to centuries of changing hands, from Romans to Visigoths to Moors to Christians and to numerous literati and art scene stars. Nowadays, Seville is experiencing a neo-Renaissance of its own as the city transitions from the time-honored architecture and traditions into a more modern city. This means gentrification at a rate as fast as NYC in Seville’s coolest neighborhoods, while Seville’s traditional neighborhoods stay anchored firmly to the past.

Situated on the Guadalquivir plain, a river of the same name runs north-south and separates most of the city from an island that houses Seville’s neighborhoods of Triana, Los Remedios, Isla de la Cartuja and Tabalada, as well as the port.

The center, known as the Casco Antiguo, is one of Europe’s largest historic city centers – 3.94 million square meters, to be exact – but it’s extremely walkable and peppered with smaller districts, green spaces and the old casa-palacios that have since been converted into luxury hotels, apartments and homes, all housed within a ring road called the Ronda Histórica.

While the center is a popular place to stay in Seville, the city experienced rapid growth leading up to the 1992 Iberoamerican Expo, meaning accommodation can be found virtually all over the city, including in East Seville and the former workers’ village of Bellavista, which actually belonged to a nearby town. With this monumental event 25 years ago, the high-speed train arrived to Seville, bringing with it job opportunities and a larger population density.

When Trying to Decide Where to Stay Seville, Consider the Zip Code!

As a rule of thumb, the zip code assigned to a neighborhood dictates its proximity to the cathedral, which anchors the touristic beat and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Casco Antiguo (historic center) takes codes 41001 to 41004. This, however, is not an exact science, as some of the newer developments are far larger than their more centric counterparts. My neighborhood of Triana, a mere stone’s throw from the center of town, is designated as 41010. If you’re wondering whether your hotel is in a good area use the zip code as a guide, and then check a map!

The barrios that make up Seville’s old town are: El Centro, Santa Cruz, El Arenal, La Macarena (yes, the popular 90s song was named for this district’s famous veneration of the Virgin Mary), and a number of smaller areas within those barrios, such as the Alameda de Hércules, or Encarnación, to name a few. On the periphery are Triana, Los Remedios, El Porvenir, La Buhaíra and Nervión.

Ready for a cerveza yet?!

Public Transportation in Seville

Seville is the perfect city for walking or biking, as it’s flat, so when you’re trying to decide where to stay in Seville, proximity to public transportation is less of a concern than in some other cities.

And while Seville also hosts three train stations, two bus depots, more than 30 bus routes, over 500 kilometers of bike lanes and even a subway line and light rail, don’t be fooled – this is not the place to move primarily by public transportation. In fact, it’s often slower unless you’re covering long distances, and taxis can get pricey!

If you decide to stay close to the city center of Seville, you should consider packing comfortable walking shoes and sticking to your own two feet as your primary mode of transportation. As a general rule, the further you stay out, the more difficult it is to get into the city center, though a bus ride within the city limits is a flat-rate.

Another option would be staying near Metro Line 1 (think Plaza de Cuba, Prado de San Sebastián, San Bernardo or Nervion), Seville’s sole underground line, which will quickly deposit you in Puerta Jerez, just 250 meters from the Cathedral, Alcázar and Archivo de Indias.

Fun fact: because Seville was built on top of an old Roman city and local law protects any ruins or artifacts found, the plan for a huge subway interchange in Plaza de la Encarnación was quickly scrapped when remnants of houses, a fish factory and nearly intact mosaics were uncovered (you can visit them today for 1,50!). For that reason, walking is the preferred way for sevillanos to get around the center.

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Seville’s Most Popular (and Central) Neighborhoods

Most tourists and visitors opt to stay close to the cathedral and the other big-ticket sites – the bullring, Gold Tower, Alcázar and its gardens, and the old Jewish neighborhood. Barrio Santa Cruz is probably the most common choice, but there are other convenient neighbourhoods to choose from as well.

Santa Cruz is one of the Most Popular Places to Stay in Seville

Ringed by the old city walls and north of the Alcázar palace, Santa Cruz is arguably one of the most charming places to stay Seville: you get the experience of winding cobblestoned alleys, technicolor homes and flamenco venues. With this, however, comes the tacky souvenir shops and overpriced restaurants – a friend once likened it to Spanish Disneyland! If you want to be in the most central and convenient location for seeing Seville’s top sights, and you’re happy to deal with the tourist shops, Santa Cruz is a good bet.

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Suites Murillo

9.4 / 10 on Booking.com

Suites Murillo — (Starting at €50 per night in low season; expect to pay closer to €100 in the summer) — This place looks fantastic, and has excellent reviews. Located right next to the Seville Cathedral and Reales Alcázares — two of Seville’s must sees —  it has beautiful views from the rooftop terrace. As someone who is entirely addicted to rooftop terraces with beautiful views, this is a huge selling point for me! Also, the rooms look beautiful and come with nice touches, like a bathrobe and slippers. I would definitely consider booking at this place when we’re next in Seville.

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Hotel Amadeus & La Musica

8.9 / 10 on Booking.com

Hotel Amadeus & La Musica — (Prices in the €80+ range) — A 3-star with a rooftop pool, right in the heart of Santa Cruz, this hotel is less than 200 meters from the Cathedral. It has what looks like a lovely rooftop terrace, and gets great reviews from past guests. If I had to choose between this hotel and Suites Murillo, I’d probably choose based on price alone as they both look fantastic.

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Hotel Rey Alfonso X

8.4 / 10 on Booking.com

Hotel Rey Afonso X — (Prices range between €80 and €180, depending on the deal you can find!) — A 4-star only a few blocks from the Cathedral and the Real Alcázar, this place looks convenient for all the main sites and is nice and central. It has an outdoor pool for the summer, and one guest review mentions the good coffee in the mornings…a huge bonus in my books!

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

El Arenal

Fanning out west from the cathedral is El Arenal, once home to the ship building yards and now amongst the yuppiest barrios in town. The famed bullring, La Maestranza, and an opera house of the same name are located here, so expected bull-themed restaurants (with braised bull tail on every menu!) sidled up next to posh cocktail bars. If you’re concerned about budget, you’re sure to find somewhere to stay that can work for you in El Arenal, which has a few backpacker’s hostels, and lots of higher-end and luxury spots.

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La Banda Rooftop Hostel

9.2 / 10 on Booking.com

La Banda Rooftop Hostel — (Prices in the €20 to €30 range) — El Arenal has a few hostels that get a good rating from previous guests, with La Banda getting the highest praise. It has a rooftop terrace with nice views, and organized drinks and meals, gets good reviews for having comfy beds, and is very central, only a short walk to the cathedral.

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Hotel Europa Sevilla

8.4 / 10 on Booking.com

Hotel Europa Sevilla — (Prices in the $80+ range) — Located in an 18th-century building, this hotel looks cute and quaint and comes complete with the decorative tiles so common in this area of Spain. The reviews are mixed (some love, some hate), so proceed with caution. However, this area of Seville is expensive and tough for bargain hunters. If you can get a room here in the $80 range or less, I’d say it’s a good deal for a very centrally located price! Definitely check reviews before booking to make sure you’re happy with it!

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / Trip Advisor

Hotel Las Casas de El Arenal

9.2 / 10 on Booking.com

Las Casas de El Arenal — (Prices in the $150+ range) — This hotel gets fantastic reviews, earning a 9.2/10 from former guests on Booking.com and 9.2/10 from former guests on HotelsCombined. The pictures are gorgeous, and it seems to be in a great location, within walking distance to the Cathedral and the bullring.

Check Availability & Prices on
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Seville’s Cool Neighborhoods

Despite holding down its haunches as a traditional Andalusian town – we locals call it a town because it has one of those I-always-run-into-someone-I-know feels – Seville is beginning to modernize and take on a new shape. Traditional pubs share plaza space with gastro bars. Craft beer is exploding, though local brew Cruzcampo will always be rey (king). Supermarkets compete with age-old ultramarinos shops and traditional markets. And neighborhoods are getting makeovers.

La Macarena

The northern half of the central district is known as La Macarena, and within it, numerous areas: La Alameda de Hércules, San Julian, Calle Feria, Pelicano, Jardines del Valle, Ponce de Leon… It’s rumored that those from this part of town are amongst the most fiercely fervent, and this is the place to be during Holy Week processions (that is, if you like crowds and brass bands).

The Alameda de Hércules,a long strip of public park, bars and restaurants set around an expansive promenade, was once one of the city’s most dangerous areas. After paving the dusty park and promoting cheap rent, sleek new eateries sidled up to taverns, the pi-hippie crowd moved in and the neighborhood became sought-after. Even if you don’t stay here, this is an awesome place to hang out with a beer in hand. Check out Gigante Bar for craft cocktails and decadent desserts, local favorite Casa Paco for tapas and nearby Peña de Flamenco Niño de Alfalfa for weekend flamenco shows.

(Note from Katie: we loved coming to this area for dinner in the evenings…you can read more about it on Trip Advisor )

Nearby is Calle Feria, just east of the Alameda. Here you’ll find a gastronomic market that hosts weekend concerts, a slow-food haven in conTenedor restaurants, and enough brunch spots to rival Manhattan.

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The Corner House

9.1 / 10 on Booking.com

The Corner House — (Prices in the $60+ range) — Located right on the Almeda, this place looks adorable and gets exceptional reviews. If you choose to stay here, you’ll be surrounded by cute cafés, tapas bars, and restaurants, with lots of action in the evenings as people walk the plaza. It appears to be relatively new at the time of writing, transitioning from a hostel into an affordable boutique hotel…the reviews so far look really good. A solid, bohemian choice for Seville.

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Sacristia Santa Ana

8.4 / 10 on Booking.com

Sacristia de Santa Ana— (Prices in the $70+ range) — This place looks Fancy, with a capital F. Apparently, Lonely Planet lists it as the best hotel deal in Seville, and based on the reviews, a lot of people agree. Personally, I prefer more modern decor, but this place might win me over… another hotel in a great location, and it seems like you can get a great deal, depending on dates.

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Ático Design House

9.6 / 10 on Booking.com

Ático Design House — (Prices in the $120+ range per night; sleeps 3) — It seems you have to book this place for a minimum of 3 nights, otherwise it shows up as “sold out.” But, it looks really nice, and gets great reviews from past guests. It’s in between the Alameda and Feria, and within walking distance to the main tourist attractions. No TripAdvisor reviews for this one, and it also doesn’t show up on all of the hotel booking sites (I did find it on Booking.com, though)

Check Availability & Prices on


If you want to be a few steps from the action, consider the Alfalfa. You’re behind the shopping district and Seville’s most famous beer garden, Plaza del Salvador, but the cluster of streets surrounding Plaza Alfalfa are famous for their bars and outdoor street parties, known as a botellon. This is also where Soho Benita, a hipster with a credit card’s shopping district, can be found.

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Itaca Seville

8.1 / 10 on Booking.com

Itaca Seville— (Prices in the $100 range) — A solid 3-start option with good reviews, it looks clean and comfortable, and is in a nice-looking building oriented around a courtyard. Bonus points for the outdoor pool (seasonal)!

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Boutike Hostel

8.4 / 10 on Booking.com

The Boutike Hostel — (Prices in the $50 range) — A fresh and modern-looking spot with a very “friendly” vibe, the thing I love most about this place is you get access to the fitness centre around the corner, meaning you can start your day with yoga, pilates, or spinning. It’s got a cute terrace and seems to be away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist centre, meaning you’ll get a feel for a different and calmer side of Seville.

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Corral del Ray

9.4 / 10 on Booking.com

Corral del Rey — (Prices in the $250+ range) — This place seems to strike a nice balance between rustic and insanely posh. It’s in a restored 17th-century building that appears to have been very well done, with all the modern conveniences. Another bonus is the wifi, which gets high ratings from past guests for actually working really well! Overall, it gets fantastic reviews. If it’s in the budget, this place seems like a treat, and a retreat, within central Seville.

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

The Best Areas to Live Like a Local in Seville

Triana & Los Remedios

Just across the Guadalquivir River are the districts of Trianatrianeros believe it should be a city unto itself – and the family-friendly (and wealthy!) barrio of Los Remedios. Both are still close enough to the city center but offer less noise and traffic, along with a dose of local life. Triana is also where you’ll find traditional ceramics shops, hole-in-the-wall tapas bars and excellent views of the city skyline from Calle Betis. If you’re coming for the April Fair, this neighborhood’s accommodation options will be sky-high.

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Monte Triana

8.8 / 10 on Booking.com

Monte Triana — (Prices in the $100 range) — A top pick in Triana, this place will get you out of the craziness of the historical center, while still preserving easy access, just 15 minutes away on foot. The hotel looks nice and gets great reviews on comfort, wifi, breakfast, and staff.

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

So…Where Should You Stay in Seville?

If you’re still wondering where is the best place to stay in Seville, I’ve summed it up here.

Santa Cruz is the best neighborhood in Seville for visitors on a short city break, and those who want easy-access to the sites plus some old-world Seville charm. If you’re older and have trouble walking, Santa Cruz is the best district to stay in Seville, because you won’t have to stray too far from your hotel to see all the sites!

If you’re wondering what area to stay in Seville for a hipper experience, consider La Macarena (slightly edgier and a bit further out, but still walkable) or Alfalfa (more upscale, central, and more expensive).

If you want a luxurious and upmarket experience, Santa Cruz, Alfalfa, and El Arenal are the best neighborhoods to stay in Seville!

Finally, if you’re in Seville for a longer stay, or want to meet more locals and expats, consider Triana as a good base in Seville.

A final note: because the Seville city center is compact enough, you can stay virtually anywhere and be close to the attractions and tapas route. My suggestion to friends is always to stay at least a 10-minute walk from the cathedral and thus avoid the expensive, touristic side of Seville. If you’re closer to Encarnación and Plaza del Duque, you’re within walking distance of everything you’ll want to see, and you’ll be nicely wedged between Old Seville and New Seville.

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High End: Hotel Palace Sevilla

8.2 / 10 on Booking.com

Hotel Palace Sevilla — (Prices in the $80+ range) — A 4-star hotel located right on Encarnación Square near the Metropol Parasol building (sometimes referred to as Las Setas by Sevillanos, meaning the mushrooms for their resemblance), it’s a lovely looking hotel that gets great reviews, and is a top seller in the city.

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Mid Range: Itaca Seville

8.1 / 10 on Booking.com

Itaca Seville— (Prices in the $100 range) — This is the same hotel listed up above in the Alfalfa section. It’s close enough Encarnación that it deserves a mention here, too!  A solid 3-start option with good reviews, it looks clean and comfortable, and is in a nice-looking building oriented around a courtyard. Bonus points for the outdoor pool (seasonal)!

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Budget: Hotel América Sevilla

8.4 / 10 on Booking.com

Hotel América Sevilla – (Prices starting around $80) — Another top seller in Seville, this hotel is in Plaza del Duque, a few minutes’ walk from Plaza Encarnación and about 10 minutes’ from Santa Cruz, and the cathedral area. The reviews seem to all focus on similar themes: location, value, and great staff.

Check Availability & Prices on
Booking.com / TripAdvisor

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Seville Flamenco Show
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Flamenco Show at Museo del Baile Flamenco – Enjoy the rhythms and passion of traditional Flamenco music and colorful costumes during a one hour show at the Museo del Baile Flamenco in the historic Santa Cruz district.

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A Quick Comment on the Hotel Recommendations In Our Where to Stay in Seville Neighbourhood Guide

We developed this guide because someone asked us to…a reader got in touch and asked if we had any hotel recommendations in Seville (if you want us to develop a Where to Stay Guide for a particular city, please get in touch!). And because we wanted to make sure we got it right, we hired Cat to be the local expert, and then spent ages going through hotel reviews in Seville, and plotting the hotels against the best areas to stay in Seville, to come up with these recommendations.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that the hotel recommendations are based on our research, not our personal experience. We haven’t stayed in these hotels…they are places we would personally book if we went back to Seville, and the places we would recommend to friends and family visiting Seville.

As always, our goal is to make trip planning easier for you, and we hope we’ve accomplished it with this guide. Have a great trip to Seville!

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  3. Hi Katie, Thanks for all the great info. My wife , Kathy, and I are heading to Seville this coming September where she will be attending the fall semester at University of Seville. I’ve been put in charge of finding a place to stay for 3 months. The University website is pretty archaic for apartment hunting. These are the neighborhoods they suggest to look at:

    I can find a few on maps but most are confusing. We’d like to be within a 15 minutes walk to the university, looking for a place with a kitchen. Can you recommend a resource for me to try? I’ve been to VRBO, HomeAway, Owner Direct, and no luck yet. Trying to find something around 800EU or less a month.
    Thanks for any help!
    Gerry Donohoe
    Juneau, Alaska

    1. Katie Matthews

      Hello Gerry!

      Thanks for the note and congrats on the semester in Seville that’s coming up. We truly love that city and bet you’ll enjoy it immensely!

      Re. your questions, here’s my best attempt to answer :)

      First, on finding places to stay. I would suggest you consider using http://airbnb.com/sublet — this will give you steep discounts (typically 40% to 60% off) the per night price when you commit to a month or longer. If you use this code when you sign up, you’ll get some credit applied to your account, too: http://www.airbnb.com/c/kmatthews92?s=8. If you go this route, pay careful attention to the reviews and contact the host ahead of time to clarify the place will have all the things you need….we typically as for them to do an Internet Speed Test, for example, and ask if they’d be willing to upgrade to fast Internet if we commit to a longer stay.

      Also, Facebook Groups will be your best friend when moving abroad. I just searched “Seville Accomodation” in Facebook, and “Seville Rentals” Group came up right away, along with others. Find all the groups you can about accommodation and rentals and expat life in Seville, and that will also be a huge help!

      Re. which neighbourhood to live in, I am probably less helpful there, as we have only ever visited Seville as tourists. But, I can say I’ve heard Triana is a great neighbourhood, and that’s on your list above. When I look at Google maps, I see it’s just across the river from the university.

      In general, we found Seville to be quite small and walkable.

      I hope this helps!!!

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  7. This is a very useful article. I’m planning a trip to Seville in about 2 weeks from now. I am going to be using airbnb instead of a regular hotel. I hope my choice to Macarena neiborhood turns out to be good.

    Looking forward to checking out what Seville has to offer!

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  11. Planning on heading to Seville next year for the Spring Fair, and even though it is early, I have been doing lots of research, and I have to say that this may be the most in depth guide out there. Thanks, guys.

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  14. Thanks for the great tips on Seville. You touched on everything from food to site. The information on specific neighborhoods is particularly useful.

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