Around the World in 80 Drinks: Amsterdam Airport Lounge Edition

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Remember back in Finland, when I discovered that as North Americans we pretty much live like peasants, all what with our lack of champagne at every meal and also as a nutritious snack and what not? So when we decided to head back to Europe a few months later, I was excited to live for a few weeks like a not peasant, and figured five minutes after stepping onto the European continent was as good a time as ever to begin our not peasantingAnd so after deplaning from our nine hour ride from Seatac to Schipole, and before we boarded the next flight to Milan, we searched for the perfect Amsterdam airport lounge.

We found it at Bubbles Seafood Wine Bar in Departure Lounge 4. Bubbles is kind of a big deal in the ultra posh world of airport dining: Esquire named it one of the ten best airport restaurants in the world (a list which also included the Hooters in Frankfurt Airport, so there’s that), AND I remember seeing it in a magazine once, AND my mother-in-law once mentioned it to us. So it’s pretty much famous.


Bubbles Wine Bar is an Amsterdam Airport Lounge
Bubbles: Just the right amount of fancy


Bubbles is the perfect Amsterdam airport lounge. To start, it has just the right amount of not-fancy for an airport – we are not fancy people at the best of times, but after a nine-hour journey, we’re pretty much disgusting, barely staying on the desired side of that fine line between slightly rumpled yet respectable human beings and sweaty, stinky, matted animals  — and Bubbles is set-up for that kind of clientele. For example, despite the fact that I ordered a glass of sparkles, I didn’t feel out of place in fleece, and Geoff felt pretty okay in his cargo pants, too.


WanderTooth at Bubbles, Amsterdam Airport Lounge
And those guys in the background seem okay with their rumpled and wrinkly (and probably stinky) t-shirts, too. Seriously buddy, lets put those armpits away.


But although Bubbles is just the right amount of not-fancy for an airport lounge, it also has just enough fancy to make you feel better about being disgusting; Bubbles will make you sit up straighter in your chair and possibly (if you’re lucky) take on an affected European accent for the duration of your drink.

Bubbles is a self-serve experience, which is really convenient if you feel intimidated by things like…oh, I don’t know…€95.00 GLASSES of 2002 Chateau Moutoun Rothschild (seriously people: give us your money. We could think of way better ways to spend your €95.00 than on a glass of wine)! At Bubbles, you can just walk up to the bar, grunt loudly and stamp your feet a little, and they’ll put two-and-two together: another peasant wants the cheapest glass of bubbles possible.


And also, they give you snacks!
And also, they give you snacking crackers shaped like fish!


If you have a few hours to kill and need the perfect Amsterdam airport lounge, Bubbles is not a bad way to go. For about €20.00, you and your traveling companion can buy a little civility , served with a glass of sparkling rosé, a Heineken, and some delightful little snacks, before your onward journey.


I hope you enjoyed Around the World in 80 drinks, a series that takes us on a drunken whirlwind of adventure around our planet. Except it doesn’t really take us on an adventure. Blogs can’t do that: you need aeroplanes and autobuses and camels and all sorts of other types of transportation to actually go around the world. But we’ll go on the adventure – a drunken whirlwind of adventure, if you will – and then we’ll come back and tell you about it. And it won’t always be drunken, because sometimes we’ll talk about delicious non-alcoholic drinks. But also sometimes we’ll talk about boozy goodness, like beer and vodka. Please let us know what you think in the comments, or say hello on Facebook and Twitter.




6 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Drinks: Amsterdam Airport Lounge Edition”

  1. I love the sound of a place where I can feel a little classier just for being there, but not ashamed if I’m covered in a day’s worth of travel grease. Some airport bars make me feel like I should be able to manage a long-haul flight while wearing heels and with perfect hair.

    1. I know, Jessica! Who ARE these people that can manage long hauls in their fancy garb and still look good at the end of it? It must be genetic (I am absolutely missing that gene)

  2. Sound like a nice way to treat yourself if you have time to kill. I would be that person who turns up looking sleep deprived and scruffy and asks what the cheapest they’ve got is. I have no shame!

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