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As with so much in life, we never knew how much we enjoyed cruising until we tried it!

We took our first river cruise in June 2017, and immediately understood what all the fuss is about – we loved it! Since then we’ve taken many more cruises, and will be writing about our experiences here soon! 

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  • Discovering Budapest’s Jewish Heritage — The first shore excursion of our river cruise took us to the second-largest synagogue in the world, Budapest’s Great Synagogue on Dohany Street. With an excellent guide to show us the way, we discovered the long (and often sad) history of Budapest’s Jewish community.
  • Hungarian Cowboys? Sailing south from Budapest, our fist stop was the Bakod Puszta Horse Farm, where traditional Hungarian cowboy skills are on display.
  • Where Wine and War Collide — On a shore excursion in northeastern Croatia, we visited the award-winning Iločki Podrumi winery, and learned that no matter where you go in this region of Croatia, stories from the 1990s war will find you. This was both a fascinating and delicious stop on our cruise.
  • A Cruise That Confronts the Past? Discovering the Balkans By River Cruise — Venturing beyond the mainstream tourist spots of the region, we walked in the footsteps of a war we can all remember — one that we watched on TV, over dinner, in real time, and that our governments played a role in. Why a river cruise is a great way to learn more about the Croatia-Serbia war, and meet the next generation in each country.

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Eastern Europe River Cruise View Hungary
The view from our stateroom veranda at around 5am on Day 5, on our way to Kalocsa