Visiting Karlštejn Castle: Day Trip from Prague

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We recently took a day trip to Karlstejn Castle, a majestic Gothic castle nestled in the picturesque town of Karlstejn, just a short drive from Prague. We’ll share some photos,

Karlštejn Castle Czech Republic
Karlštejn Castle is an easy full-day or half-day trip from Prague.

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Now that we’re living in Prague (yay!), we figured we should get out there and test drive some different day trips from Prague…you know, for research and stuff.

We’ll be posting details and photos from our different day trips from Prague as we go, using a super scientific method for determining their worth: how much fun we had. 

A few weekends ago, we decided to head to Karlštejn Castle, an easy, beautiful, and cheap day trip from Prague.

How to Get to Karlštejn Castle from Prague

From the main train station in Prague (Praha Hlavní Nádraží), it’s a 40 minute train ride and costs CZK 99 per person round trip (at the time of writing this) for the first person.

It’s cheaper if you buy in groups, and you can find the train schedule online). Once you arrive in Karlštejn, it’s relatively easy to get to the castle. 

Follow the signs (and crowds) from the train station, cross over the Berounka river, pausing to reflect upon the pastoral tranquility in which you’ve found yourself, and voila: you’ve arrived in the town of Karlštejn.

Berounka River near Karlstejn
Karlštejn village (and the castle) overlooks the Berounka River. To get to the castle from the Karlstejn train station, you’ll need to cross over the river.
Karlštejn Czech Republic
The town of Karlštejn, which sits in the impressive shadow of the castle

Once you’re in the town of Karlštejn, it’s pretty easy to find your way. Just follow the road (and the crowds) up the hill to the castle.

It’s not a particularly difficult walk, but might be challenging if you have any mobility issues, as it’s about 25 minutes straight up a hill.


Visiting Karlštejn Castle

Once you reach the castle, it’s free to enter the courtyard and poke around.

If you want to go into the castle, it’s by guided tour only. (See my top picks for guided tours below!)

If you decide to skip the guided tour, you can simply wander around the exterior, enjoying the views of the castle and surroundings.

It’s a really picturesque spot, perfect for photography.

Karlstejn Castle View
View from the castle of the valley below
Lavender beds within the castle walls
The town of Karlštejn, as seen from the castle

Best Tours of Karlštejn Castle

The easiest and most low-stress way to make the trip to Karlstejn is to book an organized tour. Here are a few of my favorite options!

Best Karlštejn Castle Tours

Lunch in Karlštejn

After 45 minutes or so of wandering around inside the castle walls, we headed back into town for lunch. 

An expat who’s lived here for years and years recommended we stop in at paad dráci skalou, a family-run restaurant about 800 meters off the main drag, with good, cheap Czech/central European food (think goulash, potato pancakes, and schnitzel; around CZK 60 to 80 for a main). 

Here’s the map he drew us, which we used to find the restaurant with surprising ease. So much for Google Maps!

A super accurate map of where to eat in Karlštejn
A super accurate map of where to eat in Karlštejn

Have you been to Karlštejn Castle? We’d love to hear what you thought.

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  2. Thanks a ton for your suggestion, managed to visit this beauty some days back. Was just breathtaking and enjoyed my time there.

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