Best Things to Do in Prague: According to a Local!

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Planning a trip to Prague? Don’t miss this list of the very best things to do in Prague – straight from a local. From the must-see tourist attractions, to fun and quirky sites, to hidden treasures in the city – there’s a little something for everyone!

After living and working as freelancers in Prague for 15 months, it’s safe to say that we’ve done a lot of exploring.

And after having countless friends, family members, acquaintances, and readers message us asking about the best things to do in Prague, we decided to go ahead and make a little list. (Ok, it’s kind of a big list.)

Prague has become one of the most visited cities in the world! And for good reason. It’s literally bursting with gorgeous views, rich culture, and unique and interesting things to do.

If you’re just getting started with your trip planning, make sure you also stop by our Prague Neighborhood Guide, which will give you a great overview of Prague’s districts and the best places to stay.

Things to Do in Prague

15 thoughts on “Best Things to Do in Prague: According to a Local!”

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  3. My husband and I are going to Prague in October. I am considering booking a hotel for eight nights and I saw your recommendation for Hotel Neruda, which looks very nice. We are also considering the Hotel Leonardo, which is more expensive. Do you know of this hotel? My in laws stayed here and really liked it but I don’t think they did much research and it seems more touristy and in a busier part of Old Town. We are 64 and 71 and can walk well. Any thoughts?

    1. Hello Gail!

      Thank you so much for your message. Prague can be quite beautiful in October, and it’s a nice time of year to visit, as it’s not as busy as during the height of the summer. I’m sure you’ll have a lovely trip!

      Re. your question, I expect you’d probably be in good hands in either place :) The reason we recommend Hotel Neruda is because, when I first started adding hotels into our Where to Stay in Prague guide, it’s the hotel that our readers kept booking over and over again. People seem to love it.

      In terms of comparing them:

      Both are in great locations. Hotel Leonardo is on the “old town” side of the river, but it’s in a quieter section. The busiest (and rowdiest) section of old town is right near the square, and this is still a walk away from that.

      If I recall correctly, there are a few bars close to the Leonardo – about a block away – but I don’t think that would impact the noise level or your experience much. It is close to a main tram thoroughfare, so it will be convenient if you plan on taking public transport much! Design Hotel Neruda is on the historic Neruda street, which is busy in the days but quiets down in the evenings. So I’d say Design Hotel Neruda is going to be more calm and tranquil, but Hotel Leonardo may be slightly more convenient with transport. Both are very close to Charles Bridge, which is nice!

      So again, I really do think both would be quite nice – it just depends what you prefer :)

      For Design Hotel Neruda, we’ve enjoyed working with them and haven’t heard a single bad thing back from the people who’ve booked based on our recommendations. If you do decide to go with Neruda, we have organised a deal with them for an additional 8% discount, plus a room upgrade, if available – you just have to book directly with the hotel and use the promo code, wandertooth, when you book. When I do the math over 8 nights, that would make Neruda about $90 less expensive over the 8 days compared to Leonardo (at least when I look at the prices for Leonardo on

      I think you’re probably in good hands with whichever hotel you choose, Gail!

      We hope this helped, and feel free to reach out with any additional questions! Enjoy your travels :)

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  6. Shayna Swantek-Morrison

    We’re just starting to plan our first trip to Prague. This guide, and whole blog really, is fantastic and majorly helpful! Thank you, from a fellow Canadian :)

    1. Great to hear, Shayna! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them :)

  7. Amazing extensive list – just wish i had it when we were in Prague last year – at least im now prepared next time we get over there thank you

    1. Katie Matthews

      Hope you make it over to Prague again one day soon – it’s such a beautiful city, it deserves lots of time :)

  8. Stacey Richards

    We are going to Prague on December 4th-12th with 6 adults and two children ages 8 and 4. We are staying in an apartment right near Old Town. What would you suggest as some options for us this time of year knowing we are traveling with children. We are willing to do some day trips and take turns spending time with the kids. I am the only one in the group that has been to Prague but is was about 17yrs ago. We are all fairly seasoned travelers. Thanks, Stacey

    1. Hi Stacey! The first thing that comes to mind is Prague Zoo, which is apparently one of the best in the world. We never made it there ourselves, but we’ve heard from friends that it’s a lot of fun, although I suppose it would be somewhat weather dependent at that time of year. The Czech Republic also has a long tradition of puppetry and marionettes, which may be interesting, depending on the kids. Prague has a National Marionette Theatre that puts on a marionette version of Mozart’s Don Giovanni (more info and tickets), which might be fun. There is a newish lego museum in Prague, which would be great when it’s cold and you need to warm up. If you visit the castle, there’s a small shop known for being the best Trdelník in the city – Creperie U Kajetána (Nerudova 248/17). Trdelník is a chimney cake, which you can get with Nutella and other toppings, so I expect most kids would enjoy this. There’s also a pretty funny David Černý Sculpture in the Franz Kafka Museum courtyard (free to enter the courtyard) called, simply, Piss. Featuring two bronze men peeing (water) on a map of the Czech Republic, the best part of this statue is its interactivity: if you text a message to +420 724-370-770, the statues will pee out your message! I think most kids would find this pretty hilarious :) I hope this helps, or at least gets a list started for you :) Happy travels!

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