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For us, Belgium is inextricably connected to the World Wars, and — of course — its beer. Obviously we have a lot more exploring to do!


Posts About Belgium

  • A fairytale city if there ever was one, Bruges, Belgium is a traveler’s delight! Find out how to spend one day in Bruges is you’re limited for time.
  • Searching for Walter — We visited the WWI grave of Geoff’s great-great uncle, Walter Matthews – an unexpectedly emotional experience.
  • Belgian Beer: Around the World in 80 Drinks — An old post, in which we have WAY too much Belgium beer, and get caught up in a classic Belgian travel mistake: not asking the alcohol content of the beer you’re drinking.
Things to do in Brussels

What to do in Brussels on a Weekend Trip

  What to do in Brussels Belgium you ask? Today’s guest author gives us a unique perspective of the city – that of a local! The best things to do in Brussels are covered plus some extras. Read on to find out how to spend short city break, or a great weekend in Brussels. Disclosure: This

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Museum Sainlez

The Duty of Memory: Exploring A Refugee Village of the Ardennes

The Duty to Remember: Visiting Sainlez, Belgium, a Village in the Belgian Ardennes that was Occupied by Nazi German Soldiers During WWII, and Took Heavy Casualties in the Fight for Liberation. Includes a Visit to Museum Sainlez and La Mémoire Civile, 1940-1945     Seeing this, and hearing these stories, maybe you can understand why it’s so important for

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Belgian Beer in Belgium: Around the World in 80 Drinks

This is a tale of beer…Belgian beer, to be exact. And if we’re really being specific, this is a tale of far too much Belgian beer…   Beer, oh beer! I do love you so! I love you like you’re my child; I drink you like you’re the last drop of fresh water. Okay, not

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Bruges Belgium
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