Prague in the Snow: A Photo Collection

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“Look out the window,” my husband said, walking through the door early last Sunday morning.

Since we moved to Prague, I’ve been excited for the winter, and he’s been patiently listening to my wish for one day of brilliant, fluffy snow. So when we awoke to a thin blanket covering the asphalt, cobbles and red roofs of our home, he wisely woke me up.

Of course, I couldn’t resist sharing this collection of Prague photos with you. And so I present to you – a snowy day in Prague.

And though we’ve been living in the city for some time now, these really are my favorite photos of Prague yet.

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Prague in the snow
A snowy, foggy start to the day. Our first stop was on top of Most Legii looking at Kaluv Most (Charles Bridge). The little finger of land jutting out from the middle-right of the photo  is Střelecký Island.
Charles Bridge Prague in the Snow
We walked along the west side of the Vltava River bank, on to Kampa Island. That is Charles Bridge in the background.
Walking North on Kampa Island toward Charles Bridge
Standing on Charles Bridge, looking over red roofs up at Petrin Hill. The eiffel-tower looking thing is a TV tower, which you can go up.

Of course, we ventured out at sunrise to take a closer look.

By the time we arrived at Charles Bridge, we were a bit disappointed. The snow was there, but it had already been cleared earlier.

The sky was clear, and I figured that was it: Winter 2015 was a bust. I went in for a coffee, while he set about making a hyperlapse video of the bridge.

Charles Bridge, the first view
Charles Bridge, the first view

As I sat in the coffee shop, the sky opened up in a brief burst of furious flurries, and by the time I had finished my caffeine jolt, the ground was covered anew.

Charles Bridge, covered in a proper blanket of snow
On Charles Bridge, looking toward Prague Castle, which you can see in the top right corner of the photo
The foreground is the rail of Charles Bridge; the colourful buildings in the background are on Kampa Island looking south
This is looking down at Kampa Island, from Charles Bridge.
Standing on Charles Bridge, looking south across the river. The bridge you see in the background is Most Legii, and the building on the left with the gold roof is the National Theatre. The church spires in the far background are Vysehrad.

As I walked away from Charles Bridge, the sky turned a summertime blue, and I followed the streets through Malá Strana, one of my favorite Prague neighborhoods, up to Prague Castle.

Trying hard not to slip
Looking back at the city below, with the Jiřího z Poděbrad (JZP) TV tower in the distance

The view from the square outside Prague Castle is one of the best views in the city. At some point, Starbucks moved in, getting a prime piece of real estate with a terrace overlooking Prague’s famous red roofs. In the winter, the terrace is closed to serving, so it’s easy to use the terrace for photos without buying a coffee.

Prague’s Red Roofs + a Green One – the Church of St Nicholas.
In the top left (background): The TV tower at JZP; in the mid-ground with the green dome roof: The Church of St Nicholas; in the right-middle background you can just see the spires at Vysehrad

Most visitors to Prague stop at the castle, and don’t walk up any further. That’s a mistake, and it’s a fairly easy walk from Prague Castle over to Petrin Hill, which offers sweeping views.

The next four photos were taken within 10 minutes of one another.

From fluffy white clouds to…
…a raging snow storm, to…
…still snowing…
…and back to blue skies

After reaching Petrin, many people walk up toward the TV tower. But if you stay on the side of the hill, about midway up, you’ll get these views.

That’s St. Vitus Cathedral, which is inside the castle walls
Prague is sometimes called the Golden City, and in this photo I can see why
The building in the left-centre, with the gold roof, is Národní Divadlo, the National Theatre
The Church of St Nicholas in Prague’s Malá Strana, peeking through the trees. This was taken on the NE side of Petrin Hill. There’s a bit of a viewing platform about halfway up, from which you can walk through the woods and over to Prague Castle.
Walking down the northeast side of Petrin Hill after the snow had finally stopped
Walking down Petrin Hill. The tower in the background is a TV tower in the Jiří z Poděbrad (JZP) neighbourhood. It is covered in creepy baby sculptures by the Czech artist David Černý, crawling up the tower.
One of the best views in Prague, from about halfway up Petrin Hill

Before going home, I decided to go back to where we started, but this time go down onto the island for a different perspective.

Standing on Střelecký Island, looking at Charles Bridge
Standing on Střelecký Island, with Legii Bridge and the National Theatre in the frame
Prague’s Vltava River, looking out from Střelecký Island under Legii Bridge. Prague is also called the City of 100 Spires. In this photo, I can see 8.

I doubt it will snow again this winter. One can hope, but it’s been mild for the past several winters, and we’re starting to have the occasional spring-like day, which makes me think winter is retreating until next year.

I’m ready for summer — we both are — but I’m happy I got my snow day, to see Prague blanketed in white.

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