One of the Best Things to Do in Prague is Enjoy the View!

Prague is undeniably beautiful, and one of our favourite things to do is hunting down the best views of Prague! After a year of living as Canadian expats in Prague, and inspired by our friend Fotoeins who put together this awesome list of the best night views in Prague, we pulled together our list of the best and most awesome views of Prague.

1. Letná Park Letná (Czech: Letenské sady) offers a few of the best views in Prague, and if you’re here on a sunny day, a trip to Letná is up there as one of the best things to do in Prague. There lots of great spots for a view, but the top of the stairs at the Prague Metronome, which offers fantastic views of Prague’s bridges, and the always-popular Letná Beer Garden are by far the best.


Letna Park Beer Garden View

This is the view from Letna Park’s beer garden…kind of hard to beat.

2. Chotkovy Sady Tram Stop If you take tram 18, 20, or 22 to or from Letná, it’ll stop at the Chotkovy Sady tram stop. You can walk to Letná from Chotkovy Sady, but if you walk down the road (not the walking path) a little toward Malá Strana before heading into the park, there’s a stretch of road with a nice view of Malá Strana.

best views of prague chotkovy sady

The view from Chotkovy tram stop is typically overlooked, but I like the perspective from this spot

3. Strahov Monastery & Petrin Orchards Nestled between Petřín Hill/Park and Prague Castle, enjoying the view from the ridge just below Strahov Monastery is one of my favourite things to do in Prague. Whereas the view from Letná is really all about Prague’s bridges or Old Town, the view from here is panoramic, and you can pretty much see all the landmarks from high above in one shot. The closest tram stop is Pohořelec, but you can also get there by walking from Prague Castle or taking the funicular to the top of Petřín Hill, and then following the signs toward Strahovský klášter.


Looking out over the golden city on a winter day

4. Riegrovy Sady Park Located near Náměstí Míru and Jiřího z Poděbrad (or JZP) on Metro Line A (Green) or the Italská tram stop, Riegrovy Sady has a stunning, west-facing view stretching from the National Museum at the top of Wenceslas Square all the way to Prague Castle. Once you’re in the park, find the sports track/field, and then walk around the edge until you see a sloped clearing filled with locals sitting on the grass! The park has an awesome beer garden too, in case you get thirsty after all the Prague ogling.

best views of prague from riegrovy sady park

The view of Prague from Riegrovy Sady is one of the best!

5. Havlickovy Sady Park/Grebovka Prague’s second-biggest park, Havlickovy Sady has a neo-renaissance villa/former grand summer home that has great views over the city, complete with a gazebo where you can grab a glass of vino with a view! Get there by taking a tram to Jana Masaryka from Náměstí Míru.

6. Vyšehrad South of Prague’s main attractions on a hill above the river, the view from the northern part of the western edge of this fortress looks north along the Vlatava River and at Prague Castle. Because Vyšehrad is one of the lesser known things to do in Prague, you’ll likely only have to share the view with locals and a few adventurous visitors.

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things to do in prague dancing house

The Dancing House

7. Dancing House Café  The Frank Gehry-designed “Dancing House” is on the east bank of the Vltava River. Checking out the building from the outside is one of the popular things to do in Prague, but it also offers nice views looking north at Prague Castle from inside. The restaurant is a bit pricey, but for the price of a cup of coffee you can enjoy the view from the strangely-mirrored café with near 360° windows. There’s also an option to go out on the terrace, but it’ll cost you (~100 kc).

best views of prague zizkov TV tower

The view of Prague from Zizkov TV Tower: Neat, but not life changing

8. Žižkov TV Tower I actually found the view from Žižkov TV tower a bit disappointing, especially considering the price (180 Kc). However, it did provide a different perspective from the other views we’ve recommended, which is kind of neat. Rather than looking at the usual suspects — Prague Castle, Old Town, etc. — it gives you an idea of what Prague’s residential areas look like from above. While I didn’t try this, I’ve been told if you go to the bar, instead of the viewing platform, you’ll get the same view without paying the entrance fee.

Best views of prague old town

The super secret view from the Kotva department store

9. Kotva Department Store/Restaurant T-Anker Terrace The ugly-looking Kotva department store, located just across from the Palladium mall at Náměstí Republiky (Metro Line B, Yellow), actually has a surprisingly cool view of Old Town. Don’t go into the main entrance, instead walking along the outside left edge of the department store until you get to an elevator. Head up to the 5th floor, grab a beer, and enjoy!

best view of Prague castle

One of the best views of Prague Castle is from Naplavka

10. Náplavka at Dusk
One of our favourite places in Prague is Náplavka, the river walk south of the Dancing House. Nothing beats grabbing a cheap pilsner at one of the hole in the wall bars or barge boats, and sitting back to watch dusk settle in over Prague Castle.

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