Best Beach Towels

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Nothing says summer like a fresh set of beach towels. Whether you’re looking for the perfect travel beach towel or a whole set of towels for a regular beach-going family, we’ve rounded up all the best beach towels right here.

best beach towels

As a long time Florida resident, I’ve spent way more than my share of time at the beach and pool. And so I’ve also run through a lot of beach towels in my time. And I will tell you – they are not all created equal.

A few things to consider when choosing a beach towel are:

  • Price – You can find towels in all sorts of price ranges.
  • Material – You want something that is soft and absorbent, and won’t be scratchy on your skin.
  • Dry Time – The ideal beach towel is easy to dry quickly in the sun!
  • Bulkiness – Some towels are thick and plush for comfort, and others are thin and compact for convenience.

Picking the best beach towel can help make a day at the beach just a little bit more enjoyable. So without further ado, here are all my favorite beach towels!

Best Beach Towels

I hope you’ve found the perfect beach towels for your next adventure. For more beach trip tips, check out our complete guide to packing for the beach, and these great articles:

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