Remembrance Tourism

Remembrance Tourism, sometimes called war tourism or battlefield tourism, focuses on past conflicts as a point of interest on a trip.

Over the years, we’ve become more interested in Remembrance tourism, especially as we’ve started to learn the stories of our own family members who fought in Europe during the world wars.

Remembrance Tourism Posts


  • Searching for Walter — An emotional visit to the WWI grave of Geoff’s great-great uncle Walter, who lied about his age enlist of the too-young age of 16. We travelled to Ypres, Belgium to visit the grave and remember Walter’s sacrifice.
  • A Hilltop in Normandy — After visiting Geoff’s great-great Uncle Walter, Katie wanted to pay respects to some of her fallen family members, and we visited the WWII grave of her (maternal) grandfather’s brother, Ken, in Normandy.


Groesbeek Canadian War Graves