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Say Guten Tag to Germany!

Although it may not be at the top of your bucket list, Germany is a country that’s easy to fall in love with.

From the cosmopolitan ‘center of the world’ vibe of Berlin — a city that can be anything you want it to be — to the beer halls of Bavaria, Germany has something for every type of traveller: cultural and foodie travellers will love the museums, wine regions, and carefully built tourism routes; outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of hiking, lakes and nature to explore; and history buffs will find Germany’s ancient castles and recent stories equally compelling.

Every time we go to Germany, we love it, and we’re hoping to spend far more time in the country over the coming years. We hope we can convince you to do the same!


Posts About Germany

  • Where to Stay in Berlin — Most travellers will find themselves starting their Germany trip in Berlin, the energetic, uber cool, and cultural capital of Germany. Let us help you find the best areas to stay in Berlin, with an overview of Berlin’s best neighborhoods. Speaking of Berlin’s best neighborhoods, we also have an Insider’s Guide to Kreuzberg that includes tips  on where to stay and eat, and what to do!
  • 7 Day Trips From Berlin — We asked a local Berliner about the best day trips from Berlin, and he came up with an awesome list! If you’re looking for some great trip inspiration, read this!
  • Where to Stay in Munich — If you find yourself planning a trip to Bavaria’s beautiful capital, be sure to check out this Where to Stay in Munich guide to help you find the best neighborhood!
  • In Berlin, and elsewhere around Europe, be sure to keep your eyes open for Stolperstein when you’re walking down the street. These are some of our favorite small monuments to the Holocaust, and we are truly touched every time we see them.
  • Get off-the-beaten-path of tourists a bit by heading to Hannover, the former royal city to which England’s Queen Elizabeth II has family ties. Start with our Hannover City Guide to get acquainted with this fascinating small city.
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The 7 Best Day Trips From Berlin: Travel Advice from a Berlin Local

The Best Day Trips from Berlin: The 7 Best Day Trips from Berlin, as Told By a Local Berliner. Includes DIY Instructions for all Berlin Day Trips, as well as Tour Recommendations. We created this post in collaboration with Marco Buch, a Berlin-based film producer, travel writer and globetrotter with more than 70 countries under

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Where to stay in Munich, Germany

Where to Stay in Munich: Munich Germany’s Best Neighborhoods

Where to Stay in Munich: Advice from local expat and blogger Susanna Kelly about the best neighborhoods to stay in Munich, Germany! (Plus 21 hotel and apartment ideas) We created this guide in collaboration with Susanna Kelly, a blogger currently living and working in Munich. Susanna served as our local expert, introducing us to the best areas to stay

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Things to do in Hannover Germany

Hannover, Germany City Guide: The Best Things to do in Hannover

Hannover, Germany City Guide: The best things to Do in Hannover, Germany, plus practical travel info and Hannover travel tips.  Disclosure: This Hannover Guide contains affiliate links. That means we may earn a small commission when you use the links on this site to book a hotel, buy your travel insurance, etc.. You don’t pay anything extra. If you’d like to

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war memorials hannover Germany

Tiny Rememberances in Hannover, Germany

Reflections on the everyday war memorials in Hannover, Germany. Today, on Remembrance Day in Canada and Veteran’s Day in the USA, it feels appropriate to show how Germany remembers its past.   Crunch. Crinkle. Crackle. The leaves, ranging from butter yellow to blood red, groan under the pressure of my rain boots, fragile pieces sticking to

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Where to Stay in Berlin Guide, a guide to the best areas to stay in Berlin

Where to Stay in Berlin: Berlin’s Coolest Neighborhoods

Where to Stay in Berlin: Advice from a local Canadian expat and travel blogger about the best neighborhoods to stay in Berlin, Germany! Includes recommendations for 23 of the best apartments and hotels to stay in Berlin. This guide was originally written in 2016 by Canadian expat in Berlin, Cheryl Howard. We’ve since gone through

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February 2015 Round Up

So…it’s March. Just like that, 60+ days of the year have gone by. Whoa. We started off the year housesitting with Higabee the Maine Coone in Stockholm, Sweden. We got back January 7 and moved into our new apartment in Prague, and things have been getting rather interesting since. Let’s start off with a photo of Higabee: literally the

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Post-Humanist Berlin: The Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

When in Berlin a month or so ago, we visited what is colloquially known as that Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Officially, it is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: a confusing, concrete, and rather hostile collection of over 2,500 concrete blocks, all arranged in neat rows.   Designed by Peter Eisenman, an American architect, the holocaust memorial, according to Eisenman, is

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