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Say Hola to Peru!

Most famous for Machu Picchu, Peru has so much more to offer!

We visited at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010, when Cuzco (Cusco) experienced devastating flooding and Machu Picchu was off-limits to visitors. Coming overland from Ecuador and continuing overland into Bolivia, we were able to see much of the diversity of landscapes and regions in Peru: from the desert to Lake Titicaca, and many stops in between.


Posts About Peru

  • Where to Stay in Lima — We asked for a little help from Jessica Harte, an expat living and working in Lima, to get a feel for Lima’s coolest neighborhoods. Jessica has shared the best areas of the city to explore – and the coolest spots to visit in each – as well as which neighborhoods are perfect for basing yourself in.
  • 13 Reasons to Visit Cusco, Peru — If you’re heading to Peru, chances are Cusco and Machu Picchu are already on your itinerary…but is it worth hanging out in Cusco once you’ve seen the famous Inca city? Read our 13 reasons to visit Cusco…beyond Machu Picchu.
13 Reasons to Visit Cusco

13 Reasons To Visit Cusco Peru (Besides Machu Picchu)

Wondering whether you should visit Cusco? This list of the top reasons to visit Cusco Peru will convince you to plan a trip and help you decide what to see in Cusco and how to spend your time. If you’re on the fence about visiting Cusco, read on to find out why you should stop

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The Nazca Lines of Peru

The Nazca Lines Peru: Flying Over the Nazca Lines in Peru

The Nazca Lines Peru, one of the world’s great mysteries! Who made them? Why did they make them? And who, or what, did they make them for? These are many of the questions surrounding the Nazca Lines in Peru. Wild theories abound, but take a day and fly over the Nazca Lines and form your

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Image by skeeze via Pixabay