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Prague Photo Op: Letna Park

Proudly overlooking the Vltava River at the foreground of Prague’s Letna Park, peering down upon the magnificent Czech capital is…wait for it…a metronome! Wait…what? There’s a giant metronome in Prague?  Why yes, yes there is, why wouldn’t there be a giant metronome here?  It stands in the place where a giant statue of Stalin once […]

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Vyšehrad: Prague’s “Other” Castle!

Tired of squeezing through narrow streets while sharing the cobblestones with about a million other tourists?  Take a break and find Prague’s other castle, Vysehrad, and soak in views of the Prague skyline with room to breathe.  Although legend has the area being occupied for longer, official records date the castle to around the mid-10th […]

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Introducing the Živnostenský List: Working in Prague as a Canadian or American (or Aussie…or Kiwi…)

So…you probably heard that we’re living in Prague. And you may have read — with intrigue, of course — about the Živnostenský list, the word for the type of working permission we got so we can legally live and work in the Czech Republic, even though one of us was no longer eligible for a working holiday visa […]

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Post-Humanist Berlin: The Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

When in Berlin a month or so ago, we visited what is colloquially known as that Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Officially, it is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: a confusing, concrete, and rather hostile collection of over 2,500 concrete blocks, all arranged in neat rows.   Designed by Peter Eisenman, an American architect, the holocaust memorial, according to Eisenman, is […]

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Stolpersteine: Stumbling Through Europe

The Stolpersteine, or Stumbling Blocks, are one artists legacy to return significance to individual lives destroyed by the holocaust, whether a survivor or not.  I’ve wanted to share this for a while now as we’ve seen them in Prague, Berlin and Vienna.  The next time you find yourself in Europe, depending on the city, admiring […]

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Leaving Moldova Isn’t Easy (But it’s Not Why You Think)

When I say leaving Moldova wasn’t easy, it wasn’t because we’d fallen in love with the place and had to leave too soon.  Although the landscapes are beautiful and it does contain an element of mysticism, we weren’t feeling as though we were missing much by leaving Moldova after only a few days.  Sure standing […]

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