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Karlštejn Castle Czech Republic

Visiting Karlštejn Castle: Day Trips from Prague

Now that we’re living in Prague (yay!), we figured we should get out there and test drive some different day trips from Prague…you know, for research and stuff. We’ll be posting details and photos from our different day trips from Prague as we go, using a super scientific method for determining their worth: how much fun we […]

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We Live in a Fairytale Kingdom, and We’re Not Going Anywhere

This week hits the one month mark since we arrived in Prague, and it’s gone by in a blur. For those of you who don’t know, we’re here taking a course: on Friday, we will (hopefully) graduate with our Trinity Cert. TESOL qualification, which is the preliminary teacher qualification for those wishing to teach English to […]

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On Racism, the Romani and Romania

Ba-boom-ba-boom-cla-clang. Ba-boom-ba-boom-cla-clang.  As our train heads north from Bucharest’s Gara de Nord train station, the rhythmic sounds of the train’s wheels fill our carriage. We’re in a second class compartment on our way to Transylvania, and the initial landscape leaves a lot to be desired: garbage is strewn across barren fields next to the tracks. Mangled plastic […]

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private room cozyness downtown hostel bucharest

Cozyness Downtown Hostel Bucharest Review: We Love You

Hostel reviews aren’t really our thing, but we’re making an exception for the Cozyness Downtown Hostel Bucharest for no other reason than we loved this place. We originally booked three nights in this well-known and highly-rated Bucharest hostel, but ended up staying for more than two weeks, and — if we’re honest with ourselves — we’ll […]

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