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getting residency in europe not EU

Working in Prague as a Non-EU Citizen: Part II (Applying For Long-Term Residency)

This month, it’ll be 10 months since we arrived in Prague hoping to get the freelance visa, and we’re well on our way to our second beer garden season in this city. Prague beer garden season is pretty much the best thing ever, so we’re feeling good.   Having a “holy crap I can’t believe we […]

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Prague in the Snow: A Weekend Walk in 30 Photos

“Look out the window,” Geoff said, walking through the door to our bedroom early last Sunday morning. Since we moved to Prague, I’ve been excited for the winter, and Geoff’s been patiently listening to my wish for one day of brilliant, fluffy snow. So when last Sunday we awoke to a thin blanket covering the asphalt, cobbles and red […]

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Prague Photo Op: Letna Park

Proudly overlooking the Vltava River at the foreground of Prague’s Letna Park, peering down upon the magnificent Czech capital is…wait for it…a metronome! Wait…what? There’s a giant metronome in Prague?  Why yes, yes there is, why wouldn’t there be a giant metronome here?  It stands in the place where a giant statue of Stalin once […]

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Vyšehrad: Prague’s “Other” Castle!

Tired of squeezing through narrow streets while sharing the cobblestones with about a million other tourists?  Take a break and find Prague’s other castle, Vysehrad, and soak in views of the Prague skyline with room to breathe.  Although legend has the area being occupied for longer, official records date the castle to around the mid-10th […]

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