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Tectonic plates are shifting. It’s a phrase that has been coating my tongue for months now with the forgotten, yet familiar flavour of change; a bitter-sweet spirit drawn from a half-empty bottle at the back of the highest cupboard. To be tasted with caution. When we moved to Prague, we never intended to move to Prague. It just sort of happened: an idea […]

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10 best views of Prague

Things to Do in Prague: Our Picks for the 10 Best Views of Prague

One of the Best Things to Do in Prague is Enjoy the View! Prague is undeniably beautiful, and one of our favourite things to do is hunting down the best views of Prague! After a year of living as Canadian expats in Prague, and inspired by our friend Fotoeins who put together this awesome list of […]

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a guide about where to stay in prague

Where To Stay in Prague: Prague’s Coolest Neighbourhoods

Before we moved to the Czech Republic, I remember being pretty confused trying to figure out where to stay in Prague. When we visited back in 2012, we stayed near Wenceslas Square because we figured that would be near the action, not knowing the action near Wenceslas consists of prostitutes and drug dealers.   When we […]

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getting residency in europe not EU

Working in Prague as a Non-EU Citizen: Part II (Applying For Long-Term Residency)

This month, it’ll be 10 months since we arrived in Prague hoping to get the freelance visa, and we’re well on our way to our second beer garden season in this city. Prague beer garden season is pretty much the best thing ever, so we’re feeling good.   Having a “holy crap I can’t believe we […]

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Prague in the Snow: A Weekend Walk in 30 Photos

“Look out the window,” Geoff said, walking through the door to our bedroom early last Sunday morning. Since we moved to Prague, I’ve been excited for the winter, and Geoff’s been patiently listening to my wish for one day of brilliant, fluffy snow. So when last Sunday we awoke to a thin blanket covering the asphalt, cobbles and red […]

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