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Say Szia to Hungary!

We first visited Hungary back in 2012, and fell instantly in love with its capital on the Danube, Budapest.

We’ve since been back 3 times, and now we live here – that’s how much we like it!Budapest — vibrant, beautiful, and so very cool, once you know where to look — deserves weeks and seasons of your time, with the city bursting to life in the summers, and Budapester’s living their lives outdoors.Outside the capital, Hungarian cities see few international tourists, but still have much to offer. We hope to tell more of these stories as we use Budapest as a base.

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  • Where to Stay in Budapest — Starting with the first question to confront most visitors — should I stay in Buda, or Pest — and continuing to explain the best neighborhoods in Budapest for each type of traveller, we’ll help you find the best area to stay in Budapest, no matter your budget or travel style. Also check out our review of Pest-Buda Hotel.
  • Budapest Itinerary — Check out our recommendations on what to do in Budapest if you have 2 or 3 days to spend. We’ve outlined it all in this 48- or 72-Hour Budapest Itinerary
  • Travel Tips from a Local — We chatted with Budapest native and travel blogger Barbara Wagner about her favorite things to do in the city!
  • When our Hungarian residency permits were approved, I wrote down a list of Hungary travel goals for 2017. See which places I hope to visit in Hungary, as well as some travel experiences in Budapest and beyond.
  • Exploring Budapest Through its Food — Katie joined Urban Adventures on a food tour around central Budapest, and discovered its a city that’s changing almost daily from a young, entrepreneurial generation that is full of energy and opportunity.

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Budapest Tips: Our Very Best Budapest Advice for First Time Visitors

Budapest Tips: A Practical Guide to Budapest for First Time Visitors! ‘Good to Know Before You Go’ Budapest Travel Tips. Budapest Safety Advice, Budapest Taxi and Transit Info, Budapest Tourist Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Trip to Budapest, and More! Local Advice Written by Canadian Expats in Budapest – Continue Reading to

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Guide to Visiting Hungarian Parliament Building Feature Image

How to Visit the Hungarian Parliament Building: Tours, Tickets and More

How to Visit the Hungarian Parliament Building: A Guide to Visiting the Parliament Building in Budapest, Including How to Buy Tickets, Restrictions on Tours, and What You’ll See (Including the Hungarian Crown). Also Includes the 6 Best Views of the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest.     Get Our Free 2 Day Budapest Itinerary Here

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Hungarian Horse Show in Kalosca Featured Image

Getting to Know Hungarian Cowboy Culture at Bakod Puszta

Hungarian Horse Show Kalocsa, Hungary: Getting to Know Hungarian Cowboy Culture on Viking Cruises’ Passage to Eastern Europe River Cruise. Visiting Bakod Puszta for a Hungarian Horse Show.     As with so much in Hungary, it begins with alcohol. Wine, to start: red and white. And then Palinka, the rocket fuel/fruit brandy that finds its way

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Communism Tour Budapest: Context Travel’s People, Power & Propaganda Tour

Communism Tour Budapest: Exploring Budapest’s Past and Present on Context Travel’s People, Power and Propaganda Tour. Communism Tour Budapest Review.     No monument is innocent, Kata sums-up our walking tour with this simple sentence that, really, says it all. How history is subjective, how tourist attractions can weave a compelling fiction that can be hard

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Places to Visit in Hungary 2017

My 2017 Hungarian Bucket List: Hungary Travel Goals for the Year

My 2017 (Hungarian) Travel Goals: What I Want to See, Eat and Do in Hungary This Year. Includes 6 Places to visit in Hungary Outside of Budapest. Disclosure: This Website contains affiliate links. That means we may earn a small commission when you use the links on this site to book a hotel, buy your travel insurance, etc..

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City tips from a local Budapest

Travel Tips from a Local: The Best Things to Do in Budapest, Hungary

Locals Tips for Budapest: Budapest Travel Tips from A Hungarian Travel Blogger. A Quick List of What to Do in Budapest from a Local! This post is part of our Tips from a Local interview series, where we interview locals for insiders travel tips about their city! Today, we’re chatting to Barbara Wagner, who blogs at Jet-Settera about her life and

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Budapest Food Tour

Exploring Budapest Through Food: Bites & Sights with Urban Adventures

Budapest Food Tour: Experiencing a Hip, Entrepreneurial Side of Budapest’s Food Scene with Urban Adventures’ Budapest Food Tour Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means we may earn a small commission when you use the links on this site to book a hotel, buy your travel insurance, etc.. You don’t pay anything extra. If you’d

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Where to Stay in Budapest Hungary

Where to Stay in Budapest

Where to Stay in Budapest: Advice from a travel blogger about the best neighborhoods to stay in Budapest, Hungary! Includes recommendations for 28 places to stay in Budapest. Get Our Free 2 Day Budapest Itinerary! Disclosure: This Where to Stay in Budapest Guide contains affiliate links. That means we may earn a small commission when you use the

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Note to Budapest Train Station: You Suck

The Budapest train station was a huge dissapointment! Like a lot of people, we too are suckers for train travel. There’s something about riding the iron rails that is just so gosh darn romantic. Not in the (insert Borat voice) sexy times kind of way or anything, but more in the old-timey, adventurer kind of

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Locals Tips Budapest Parliament
The Parliament Building. Photo via Pixabay by walkerssk is licensed under CC0 Public Domain.