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Say Bună to Romania!

Romania is one of those countries that suddenly seems to be on everyone’s list.

After spending a month in Romania in 2014, we can certainly understand why. Bucharest has a hip, edgy vibe to it, and is full of great nightlife, prompting some media outlets to compare Bucharest to Berlin. Head out of the city, and you’ll quickly find yourself in the gorgeous small cities of Transylvania and beyond.

We spent our time in Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, and Timosoara (on route to Serbia), as well as a quick overnight in Iași on our way back from Moldova.

In May 2017, Katie went back to Bucharest to experience the best of the city, and loved it. Both Geoff and Katie will be returning at the end of our upcoming Viking “Passage to Eastern Europe” river cruise in June 2017.

Start with these stories, and we’ll update when there’s more to add!


Posts About Romania

  • Where to Stay in Bucharest — We enlisted the help and expertise of a local travel writer to find the best areas to stay in Bucharest! This post gives you and overview of Bucharest’s different neighbourhoods, along with suggestions for the best hotels in Bucharest, per area.
  • Day Trips from Bucharest — We asked a regional expert for her picks on the best day trips from Bucharest, and she came up with 5 trips and 4 honorable mentions throughout Romania and Bulgaria.
  • The Gateway to Transylvania — All about Brasov, a lovely small city a few hours from Bucharest, which serves as the gateway to Transylvania.
Lesser known places to see in Romania

10 Lesser Known Places to Visit in Romania

If you’re planning a trip to the land of Dracula, you might want to get off the beaten tourist path and see some lesser known places to visit in Romania as well. The country is full of hidden gems only now being discovered by tourism. Here is a list of off-the-beaten-path places to visit in

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day trips from bucharest to bulgaria

5 of the Best Day Trips from Bucharest (That You Should Definitely Try)

  5 of the Best Day Trips from Bucharest. Includes Detailed Recommendations and How-To Instructions for Day Tours from Bucharest to Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), Horezu Monastery (Romania), Potcoava (Romania), Ruse (Bulgaria), Brasov and Bran Castle (Romania). Also includes basic information about trips to Budluzha (Bulgaria), Constanta (Romania), Sibiu (Romania), and the Transfagarasan Highway (Romania). If You’re

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Where to stay in bucharest romania our guide to the best places to stay in bucharest

Where To Stay in Bucharest: Bucharest’s Coolest Neighbourhoods

Where to Stay in Bucharest: Advice from a local blogger about the best neighborhoods to stay in Bucharest, Romania! (Plus 18 of the best hotels in Bucharest by district) We created this guide in collaboration Violeta-Loredana Pascal, an entrepreneur, mentor and public relations trainer from Romania who works with clients worldwide. She loves to travel,

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Tracing Roma Culture & Heritage in Bucharest, Romania

Roma Heritage Tour Bucharest: Exploring Roma Heritage and Culture in Bucharest, Romania — and having our prejudices busted — on Open Door Travel’s Roma Heritage Tour     We meet Livia in Bucharest’s old town on a quiet, sunny Saturday morning. The narrow, cobbled streets are mostly abandoned, save for delivery trucks rumbling by, restocking

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The Edge of Romania’s Transylvania: Brasov!

Brasov is just a few hours by train or bus from Bucharest and is a cool little saxon, medieval, Transylvanian city.  We spent the better part of a week here and have put together a little list of our favourite things to see in Brasov.  Many travellers to the city also build in time for

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Things to do in Bucharest: You Surprised Me!

Heading to Romania and looking for things to do in Bucharest? Look no further! We spent about three weeks in the city and oh how Bucharest surprised me! I do love cities, big and small, but I didn’t have high hopes for Bucharest. Romania in general seems to get a bad rap from the media

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On Racism, the Romani and Romania

Ba-boom-ba-boom-cla-clang. Ba-boom-ba-boom-cla-clang.  As our train heads north from Bucharest’s Gara de Nord train station, the rhythmic sounds of the train’s wheels fill our carriage. We’re in a second class compartment on our way to Transylvania, and the initial landscape leaves a lot to be desired: garbage is strewn across barren fields next to the tracks. Mangled plastic

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Timisoara Romania

How To: Getting from Timisoara to Belgrade by Train

How to Get from Timisoara Romania to Belgrade Serbia by Train: Step-by-step Instructions that can be reversed if you’re travelling from Belgrade to Timisoara. This information is still correct as of June 2017, as per reader comments and emails from people who’ve recently made this trip. Disclosure: This website contains affiliate links. That means we may earn

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private room cozyness downtown hostel bucharest

Cozyness Downtown Hostel Bucharest Review: We Love You

Hostel reviews aren’t really our thing, but we’re making an exception for the Cozyness Downtown Hostel Bucharest for no other reason than we loved this place. We originally booked three nights in this well-known and highly-rated Bucharest hostel, but ended up staying for more than two weeks, and — if we’re honest with ourselves — we’ll

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Ornate Ceiling Romanian Athenaeum Bucharest

13 Photos of the Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest

After days without sun, we were treated yesterday morning to a blue sky streaked with rays of sunshine. I grabbed my camera and took the metro from our hostel to the Piata Romana. As I emerged from the underground tunnels, I found that the sun had already retreated for the day, but I was unwilling to admit

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Romania is full of pretty details