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Say Bună to Romania!

Romania is one of those countries that suddenly seems to be on everyone’s list.

After spending a month in Romania in 2014, we can certainly understand why. Bucharest has a hip, edgy vibe to it, and is full of great nightlife, prompting some media outlets to compare Bucharest to Berlin. Head out of the city, and you’ll quickly find yourself in the gorgeous small cities of Transylvania and beyond.

We spent our time in Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, and Timosoara (on route to Serbia), as well as a quick overnight in Iași on our way back from Moldova.

Start with these stories, and we’ll update when there’s more to add!

Articles About Romania

  • Where to Stay in Bucharest — We enlisted the help and expertise of a local travel writer to find the best areas to stay in Bucharest! This post gives you and overview of Bucharest’s different neighbourhoods, along with suggestions for the best hotels in Bucharest, per area.
  • Day Trips from Bucharest — We asked a regional expert for her picks on the best day trips from Bucharest, and she came up with 5 trips and 4 honorable mentions throughout Romania and Bulgaria.
  • The Gateway to Transylvania — All about Brasov, a lovely small city a few hours from Bucharest, which serves as the gateway to Transylvania.

On Racism, the Romani and Romania

Ba-boom-ba-boom-cla-clang. Ba-boom-ba-boom-cla-clang.  As our train heads north from Bucharest’s Gara de Nord train station, the rhythmic sounds of the train’s wheels fill our carriage. We’re in a

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Romania is full of pretty details