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Say Hola to Mexico!

When people ask us about our favorite countries we’ve visited, Mexico is always high on our list.

It has a wonderful ability to surprise, offering a totally different and diverse version of itself, depending on where you go. Even the food is different, with what many English-speakers think of as ‘Mexican food’ disappearing when you go to regions like the Yucatan, Chiapas, or Oaxaca.

Although Mexico has gotten a bad reputation for drug violence, and you do indeed to be aware of the current situation when you’re choosing your destination, there are many wonderful things about this fascinating, colorful and friendly country.

We love Mexico, and hope you do too!


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  • Things to Do in Campeche — Adorable, colorful Campeche feels more Caribbean than Mexican, and is the perfect spot to chill, ride bikes, and enjoy the scenery for a few days.

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To the Lady Who’d Rather Gouge Her Eyes Out Than Visit Mexico

  As you’ve possibly noticed, we’re not in Mexico anymore. After 220 days exploring cities, towns, and villages, and eating possibly just as many tacos and tlayudas, Mexico is done…for now. Back in September, we left Prague after 15 months of using it as a base, and went to Oaxaca with a specific video project in mind. But

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Tapijulapa Tobasco Magic Town

Visiting the Pueblo Magico of Tapijulapa, Tobasco State

A man in a crisp white golf shirt is standing in the intersection, loudly thwacking the outside of our colectivo taxi with a rolled-up newspaper, presumably trying to make a sale. Our driver ignores him, focusing instead on hacking up — if the sound is anything to go by — gobs of thick, uncooperative phlegm. The man sitting to the left

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Travel Between the Lines Coloring Mexico

Say Hello to Our Mexico Coloring Book!

  “So…” I begin, all hesitations melting away when we see our friends again. “Do you guys want to make a Mexico coloring book with us?”   We’re walking up Oaxaca’s Alcala, the pedestrian walking street in the historic centre, in a group of 10 or so other travel bloggers who’ve decided to make the city home

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8 Top Things to Do in Campeche Mexico

Mexico has been on fire for us lately, visiting great spot, after great spot. We fell in love with Valladolid, and enjoyed the bright and sunny colors of Izamal, too. And while we’ve already talked about how friendly people from Campeche state are, we’re now also adding the state capital to the list of places we love for

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Campeche friendly people

Are Campechanos the Most Welcoming People in Mexico?

This was supposed to be a different story, one that I’d begun to tell in my mind before it even started. It was a story of early morning sun, of Pelicans, and maybe a dolphin or croc or two. It was a story of a birthday trip down the Rio Palizada to a tiny but

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10 Ways We’ve Become A Little More Mexican On the Inside

This week is our 6-month Mexiversary, marking half-a-year of explorations through a country that has surprised us both at every turn. After 6 months in Mexico and hundreds of kilometres under our feet, we’re feeling a bit reflective, and are as surprised as anyone to realize that some of the things that irked us and made us shake

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Valladolid Mexico Travel Video

Is this the Most Colourful Place in the Yucatan? (Video)

  What happens when you add two parts Wandertooth (that would be us, Geoff & Katie), with one-part cute and colourful Mexican city? You get an awesome, wanderlust-inspiring video, of course! During our three-days in Valladolid, Geoff and I geeked out a little making this one-minute video of the city, and we’re really happy with the results.

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Valladolid Mexico food

8 Nom Noms to Taste in Valladolid Mexico

  After spending 4 months in Oaxaca before coming over to Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, we’ve come to appreciate Mexican food is nothing, if not diverse. I arrived in Valladolid Mexico, a small, colonial city about 2 hours in either direction from Merida and Cancun, with an appetite, and set out to eat all the things I could during our 3-day visit. Being

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Valladolid Mexico is Awesome

Say Hola To The Insanely Colorful Gem That Is Valladolid Mexico

  Dusk falls as we stroll from our Airbnb rental in the San Juan district into centro, fresh-faced after a week at the beach and excited to explore Valladolid Mexico, a small city near the eastern border of Yucatan state. As we walk along Calle 42 to the central Parque Francisco Canton, the sounds of Mexico we’ve come to know —

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Stories of Culture Shock, Sickness & A Secret Bathroom in Merida

She arrives late — a woman in her mid-30s travelling with her mother, or perhaps her mother-in-law — and sits down in the seat adjacent to ours. Gold, Tom’s-style shoes, but more expensive-looking; black pencil pants; a crisp black and white blouse; and a thin, quilted black vest that wouldn’t look out of place riding a

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alebrijes in oaxaca

Visiting San Martín Tilcajete in Oaxaca, Mexico (+ a Giveaway!)

“San Martin?” he yelled from the driver’s seat. We’re standing on Calle M. Arista in Oaxaca’s Centro, straining our eyes to see the names written on the windshields of the red and white collectivo taxis coming around the corner. “Si….San Martin Tilcajete?” “Si” We climb in, and ask the mandatory, “cuanto es?” as the car starts to roll away.

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Digital Nomad Life Oaxaca Mexico

Voluntary Homelessness…Again

Just like that, we’re leaving Oaxaca. In about a month, we’re heading south to the Yucatan, renting a beach house for a friend’s milestone birthday, and stuffing our faces with tacos and good company for an entire week. And then…and then…question mark. Voluntary homelessness. And travel to…somewhere. Oaxaca was just starting to get awesome. Before we

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visit island of the dolls mexico

Creepy & Weird: Visiting Mexico’s Island of the Dolls in Xochimilco

It’s best if I start by setting the scene. There’s four of us, plus our boatman, on a bright and colouful covered trajinera, the gondola-esque wooden boats that navigate the historic canals of Mexico City’s Xochimilco district. It’s a Monday, and had we come one day earlier, it would have been packed with Mexican families drinking cervezas and

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Digital Nomad Oaxaca Mexico

This Is What Our Life Looks Like: Oaxaca, Mexico

Sometimes, I forget that our life is interesting. Don’t get me wrong, whenever we get somewhere new, I get really excited. To me, that newness is interesting. But newness wears off, and once we settle into our day-to-day life, and we get used to the nuances and differences of wherever we are, life feels mostly the

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Things to love oaxaca mexico

Things to Love About Living in Oaxaca

You know how when you arrive somewhere new, and your senses are heightened, and you notice every little thing that you would never notice at home, like the layers of smells and sounds, and the way things look and feel? I LOVE that part of travel. I have what psychologists would probably call a novelty seeking

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mosquito net oaxaca where to buy

Where (Not) To Buy A Mosquito Net Oaxaca Edition

When I walked into the kitchen, Geoff was in full-on get shit done mode. “I figured out what it’s called. I might have even found a company here in Oaxaca that has them, but I’m not sure.” He was talking about mosquito nets, and Geoff — knowing the extent of my itchiness — had selflessly spent

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title image for blog about moving to oaxaca

Welcome to Oaxaca

“How far away do you think that is?” I ask Geoff. We’re standing in the front garden of the Church of Santo Domingo, in Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico, and Geoff is refusing to give me a straight answer. “Yeah…that’s definitely not a safe distance,” he finally responds, just as another row of red, white and

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Tasting Tequila in Mexico: Around the World in 80 Drinks

Let’s play a game, shall we? It’s a fill-in-the-blanks kind of activity, where the rules of kindergarten (a place where all answers are good answers, as long as you try) DO NOT apply. In this game, there is only one correct answer. And if you guess right, you’ll be able to go about your day,

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Mexico vacation with the family

The WanderTooths Go to Mexico, and Lensbaby Comes Along!

We’re baaaa-ack! We were on a Mexican vacation: a real, bonafide, umbrellas in fruity freaking drinks vacation! And we got so into all the relaxing, we forgot we had a blog. Or maybe it was all those fruity, umbrella-laden drinks…I think those things cause memory loss. It must be all the fruit in them, because

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The A-Holes of History: The Mayans

Happy end of the world, everyone! Oh wait…whaaaa? That DIDN’T happen? The world is still here? And we have to GO TO WORK today, and do normal the-world-continues-on kind of crap, like double checking our Master Card statements and stopping at the store on our way home from work to pick up more teriyaki sauce

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Tapijulapa Mexico Town